Vocabulary Reference

General vocabulary from Unit 4

the tube

an informal name for the London Underground train system


travelling from home to work and back again

a folding bike 

a bicycle that folds up so it can be carried easily

Oyster card

an electronic ticket that you can use on any train or bus within London

vox pops

audio or video clips of people talking about everyday topics

6 Minute Vocabulary: Chunks of language


to do something on an empty stomach

to do something without eating first     

You shouldn’t go swimming on an empty stomach.


a full English breakfast

a cooked breakfast, usually with bacon, sausage, eggs, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes, toast and tea

I usually have cornflakes in the morning, but on Saturdays I have a full English breakfast.


to take a long time        

to happen slowly            

It takes a long time to learn to play the piano.


the rush hour  

the period of time in the morning and evening when the traffic is very busy with people going to and from work             

Don’t travel by train during the rush hour. You’ll have to stand up all the way.


a lot of fun        

very enjoyable

That party was a lot of fun.


all over the world          

everywhere around the earth   

I travelled all over the world when I was in the military.


(I’ll be) back in a bit        

(I’ll) return soon              

I’m just going to the shops. Back in a bit!


News Report

extreme commuters
people who spend a very long time travelling to work

making you feel worried or nervous

next: the 'following day' is the 'next day'

lifestyle choice
a choice about how you live

money people receive, usually for working

successfully; usefully


The Race Episode 4

go about
(a sailing term) turn and sail in the opposite direction

control the direction of movement of a vehicle such as a boat, car or bicycle

find a route across an area of land or water, often using a map

short for 'satellite navigation': a piece of technology that uses satellites to find the best way to get to a place

on course
going in the right direction