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Find out how Phil’s journey is going as he continues his round-the-world trip, and test what you’ve learned in this unit in our weekly quiz

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Activity 1

The Race: Episode 4 - Phil's audio diary

New crew

There's a new member of the crew who's good at sailing. Can she help get Phil's trip back on course and steer them through stormy waters? Or will it be a case of 'two's company, three's a crowd'?

To help you understand the drama, you can listen to a summary of episode 4 first. But if you feel brave, go and listen to episode 4 now on the next page.

Listen to the audio

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Dear Diary, what a scary few days.

We got Sophia off the island onto our yacht. We sailed around the Cape of Good Hope. The sea was very rough. Then our satnav broke and we didn't know where we were going.

Passepartout tried to fix it but then fell over and knocked his head badly. We had to get him to a hospital but we didn't know which way to sail.

We are now following the stars and heading east. I am making tea - and I am missing home.



You can download Phil's audio diary on the Unit 4 Downloads page.


Now listen to the whole of episode 4 of The Race.