Session 3

In Session 2, we looked at the grammar and uses of relative clauses. Now we will put that knowledge into practice as we take a closer look at the Handel House Museum with its Deputy Director, Martin Wyatt, before reading about the life and death of the other famous musician who lived in that building, Jimi Hendrix.

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Activity 1

The Handel House Museum

Where the German composer lived...

The former home of the composer Handel is open to the public as a museum featuring possessions, furniture, and other memorabilia from his life.

In a moment, you will listen to some information about Handel House from Martin Wyatt, who is the Deputy Director there. Before you listen, take a look at this photo of one of the rooms inside the museum, which looks the same as when Handel lived there.

What do you think Handel did in this room? Listen to Martin Wyatt to see if your ideas were right.

Listen to the audio and try the activity

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Martin Wyatt
Deputy Director, Handel House Museum
This building was put up in 1722 and Handel was the first person to live here. He moved in in 1723 and lived here for 36 years until his death in 1759. It’s quite a small Georgian town house, very simple, that has one room at the front and one room at the back. The front room is where Handel had rehearsals with his singers and musicians and would give recitals for his friends. Handel moved into this house when he was writing the opera Giulio Cesare in 1723 and that was the first piece of music that he completed in this building.

Handel moved into Mayfair when it was a very up-and-coming area. All the houses on this street were new when he moved here and it was part of the expansion of London after the Great Fire of 1666.

I think the piece of music that Handel is most well-known for is Messiah, which was written in this house in the summer of 1741.

The most rewarding thing about working here is seeing how our visitors connect with the museum and Handel. When they come into the museum, they feel almost as though Handel is here in the room with them.

Coincidentally, Handel’s house is next door to a house in which Jimi Hendrix lived in the 1960s and that building is also part of the museum. And in about a year’s time, we will be opening the Jimi Hendrix flat for visitors to come and see as well as Handel's House. 


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So, did you guess correctly? The room in the photo is the front room, which Mr Wyatt told us about. It is the room where Handel had rehearsals and gave recitals for his friends.

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What else did you learn about Handel House? Try our quiz to test yourself.

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You have learned about one famous resident of this musical building in Mayfair, but what about the other one, rock legend Jimi Hendrix? Continue to activity 2 to learn more about his life and legacy to modern music.

Session Vocabulary

  • Georgian
    (here) of the period when Kings George I-IV ruled in Britain (1714–1830)

    a practice performance of a play or music

    a performance of music by a solo musician or a small group of musicians

    becoming more popular

    providing satisfaction