Session 4

Is there a new leisure centre or hospital near you? How do you describe changes in your community? Hear some people talking about new developments in their neighbourhood. Then it's your chance to describe places you know using the comparatives and superlatives you've learnt in this unit.

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Describing change where you live


Read the text and complete the activity

What is it like where you live? Have there been many changes or are there changes you would like to see? Your task is to choose a building or place in your hometown or your country which has been redeveloped or changed in some way and do the following things...

  • Describe the place to your friends
  • Write about the place - what has changed and how, if it is an improvement or not, and what else should change in the future? Remembering to use comparatives and superlatives.  Take a photo of two different places and compare them.


That's all for learning about comparatives and superlatives. News Report is next. It's about one of the most popular online games at the moment, Minecraft. Find out more on the next page.