Session 4

Take a trip to a dating agency to hear from a man who just can't find love. You'll hear the words so, such, enough and too used in natural conversation.

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    Activity 1

Activity 1

Intensifiers in action

The Dodgy Dating Agency

Meet Mr Smith, who's looking for love but isn't happy with the service he's received from a dating agency. Listen to find out what he doesn't like about the women he's been matched with.

The first time you listen, count how many times you hear the intensifiers so, such, too and enough. Also, does Mr Smith gets his money back from the agency?

Listen to the audio and complete the activity

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Ah, Mr Smith, so nice to see you again…

Mr Smith [grumpy]
Is it?

Yes, of course. You are one of the Dodgy Dating Agency's best customers!

Mr Smith
You mean I keep spending money because you can't find me a suitable girlfriend. Well… I've had enough.

Enough? What's wrong? We've tried to match you up with so many women. [Looking through her paperwork]  What about Sylvia, a lovely girl, what was wrong with her?

Mr Smith
Ha… she was too tall. In fact I got a bad neck having to talk up to her and sometimes she would rest her drink on my head!

Hmm, I see. Well what about Irena?

Mr Smith
She wasn't tall enough.

I see. Well, Jenny was your height –and she was such an interesting person don't you think?

Mr Smith
Jenny! She was such a bore – all she could talk about was how many cats she owned and how they were her best friends.

Ahhh… well cats are very affectionate.

Mr Smith
I'm not too keen on them actually – I'm allergic to them. Anyway, shall we talk about Nicole?

Oh yes, a wonderful girl and French too. You would have done well to snap her up.

Mr Smith
[Tuts] I'm not so sure about that. I found her so annoying – biting her fingernails and playing with her hair.

That's not such a bad thing is it? She probably liked you but you rejected her. And how did you get on with Miriam?

Mr Smith
Oh Miriam – she talked too much and I didn't get time to tell her anything about me and all my interesting hobbies.

[getting frustrated] And what exactly are your 'interesting' hobbies Mr Smith?

Mr Smith
Stamp collecting and trainspotting.

Hmm, enough said! Here… take your money back, I'm sorry but we can't help you. Goodbye.

Mr Smith

Did you count the intensifiers? There were 14 used in the conversation!

And Mr Smith did get his money back – the dating agency said it was impossible to find him the right woman!

To do

Now take our test and see if you understood exactly what Doris and Mr Smith said.

What did they mean?

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End of Session 4

That's all for this session. We hope you didn't find it too hard, but if you've had enough of intensifiers you can have a break in our next session and enjoy episode 8 of our drama, Gulliver's Travels.

Session Vocabulary

  • suitable
    (here) right for a particular person

    a bore
    not interesting

    shows love and care about someone

    to snap her up
    commit to someone very quickly

    watching trains and writing down their numbers and names as a hobby

    enough said
    there is no need to say anymore