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So you've learnt about past simple tense - now it's time to put it to use. Listen to some stories of childhood heroes - and tell us about your own hero.

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My hero…

Childhood heroes

Everybody needs a hero. Someone to admire – someone to look up to. Find out about some childhood heroes and write about a hero of your own.

Before you watch the video, guess who Cath, Finn, Feifei and Rob’s childhood heroes were:

  • King Arthur (a fictional English King)
  • Mr Everett (a teacher)
  • His / her dad
  • George Best (a footballer)

영상보고 엑티비티를 하세요

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My childhood hero was King Arthur from the movie, Excalibur. I think I watched that movie so many times - maybe every weekend for about 5 years. I really just liked the armour he wore and I thought it was very cool. And the sword he had, Excalibur, I really loved that as well. And he fought a lot of battles, I enjoyed watching the fight scenes and I think I just wanted to be like him or like one of his knights when I was a boy. 

My childhood hero was my Dad. He travelled a lot for work so he always had lots of stories to tell. I really enjoyed looking at the pictures he took: they were so beautiful. He also taught me a lot about the history of these places he visited so really my dad introduced me to the wonderful world we live in and that's one of the reasons why I started travelling when I was young, and it's also one of the reasons I came to England to study. 

My childhood hero was my teacher, Mr Everett, and he did really interesting things with us in class. And he was a very warm person and we all absolutely adored him and I remember some of the things we did, we made an enormous spider and put it up on the ceiling and an enormous spiders web and it took us days and days and days but it was fantastic and he also, I mean, he taught me how to love books and how to love reading, and we used to listen to music. He was just fantastic. 

My childhood hero was the footballer George Best. I loved the way he played - he was such a skilled footballer, I think everybody else agreed. When I was young he played for Manchester United and he was a very skilled player, he was one of the greatest dribblers in fact. Everyone was amazed by the way he played and I really wanted to play like him but I never did.

To do

So that’s Finn and his childhood hero, King Arthur. Cath loved her teacher, Mr Everett, Feifei’s hero was her dad and when Rob was a boy he loved footballer George Best. 

Now let's do a comprehension task.

Childhood heroes - comprehension task

8 Questions

Choose the correct answer for each question. Watch the video again or look at the transcript if you need help.


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Over to you

Why don't you write about your favourite hero?

Use this plan for your writing:

  1. Background information – name, who they were, how you knew them
  2. What did they do?
  3. How did they affect you?
  4. What did other people think of them? 

Your stories

Thank you for emailing your stories to us. We enjoyed reading them. This task is now closed.

Here are a few of the messages you sent us about your heroes:

Dmitry's hero

My childhood hero was Robinson Crusoe. Robinson Crusoe was a character in Daniel Defoe's book. He was a sailor.

During one of his trips his ship sank and he managed to got to an island. But there were no people on the island, and no one else survived the disaster. Robinson was completely alone there. So he had to struggle for his survival. He built a house, he started growing wheat and hunting for animals.

When I was a boy I read the book about his adventures lots of times. It taught me not to become desperate when tough times came. I admired his determination to live and return home. And eventually, after several decades, he got there. It was an incredible story.

Adriano Secchi's hero

I liked all the Greek mythology heroes : Heracles, Ulysses, Perseus, and so on. As I was not a strong lad in my teen age, I admired and loved all the ones that were never defeated, indeed they helped weak people never surrender as well as never fear and try to challange the stronger ones.

Emiliano's hero

When I was a child, - like other millions of children - I truly adored my father. I was impressed about his power and knowledge. I was amazed when he talked about the huge universe. He knew all about animals, plants and their behavior and functioning.

This magnified image is gone now that I'm an adult. I know that it was an exaggeration, but the wonder, the same wonder, remains in the eye of the adult who looks at the world.

Alessandro's hero

My childhood hero was Conan, the barbarian, a character created by the American writer Robert E. Howard. I read a lot of his novels. I think I was so fascinated, because Conan was so strong and secure, while I was pretty shy and lonesome as a child. I was also romantic and full of brave thoughts. Conan was my ideal counterpart in the realm of literature. Later, as the films of Conan came out, I was quite disappointed: the hero, as I had imagined him, was completely different! Not so rough indeed!

Damian's hero

My Childhood hero was my uncle his name is Colon like the spanish that discovered America. He is a fishman and sometimes I went with him to fishing. My uncle had a lot skill whit the rowboat. Today I still with de idea of fishing for sport. The other people named him Tarzan the king of de jungle.

Muhammad's hero

My childhood hero was Shahid Khan Afridi , he plays for Pakistan cricket team, he is all-rounder that mean he can bat and bowl too, he is very energetic player, i love to see him in the field, he is a staylish player and he made record of fastest century in just 37 balls, he famous for his strike and sixer. Cricket fans call him BOOM BOOM, and he is still playing for Pakistan cricket team.

Patrizia Capoccia's hero

My childhood hero was the photographer Robert Capa. I used to watch his photo about the Civil War in Spain in the 1930s and I adored him. His images were full of reality and they were so close to the subject that I moved every time I see one of his shots.

Antonella's hero

when I was a child my brother was secretly my hero. When the dentist said I would have to have my braces fitted, I didn't mind at all. On the opposite, I bubbled over because also my brother had worn braces. But he didn't like me, he was very jelaous so we couldn't get on well.

Many years after, I met a psycologist who also became my hero. In a short time, she changed me because she was very good at listening to other people.

Now after decades, I have a quite good relationship with my brother too.

Alejandra's heroine

My childhood hero was Ariel from the movie "little Marmaid". I liked her because she was a pretty girl with a long hair. When I was a child I played violin and as she sang beautifull I loved that. Also when I went to the beach with my family I wanted to stay there all day so finally I thing I wanted to be like Ariel to live in the beach.

Naoko's heroine

My childhood hero was my aunt.

She's my mother's elder sister and now lives in London. She is smart, kind, outgoing and open-minded. I absolutely adored her because she could communicate in English.

When I was a child I lived with her here in Japan. She used to come and go between the UK and Japan, and while she was in the UK she sent me lovely birthday cards and Christmas cards. I really enjoyed looking at them which were a little rare in Japan at that time.

And I also enjoyed British style dishes she cooked. She's very good at cooking!

She had taught me the fun of studying English and the charms of the UK.

Although she is now not so young anymore, she has started using a computer since a couple of years ago. Family members and relatives were surprised about that. But now she very often emails us messages, pictures and interesting youtube videos' link as well!

She teaches me the joy of life.

She was my childhood hero and still she is!

Nataliya's hero

When I was a child I used to admire Robin Hood. He struggled with unfair government and helped poorer people. He was brave, kind, strong, romantic.
Nowaday I think this guy is needed. I am adult today I don't believe in happy ending and in heros. Oh! One sentence can be like 'hero' - 'If you want to make world better first of all improve yourself'.

Grammar tip: they & them

When we don’t know if the person we are talking about is male or female, we can use the subject pronoun they instead of he or she, and the object pronoun them instead of him or her. 


Some people say that footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is the greatest footballer in the world. Is he one of your heroes? Go to the next page for this unit’s News Report, where we learn about the secret of his success. 

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  • Grammar tip: they & them

    When we don’t know if the person we are talking about is male or female, we can use the subject pronoun they instead of he or she, and the object pronoun them instead of him or her.

    When you speak to the receptionist, they will ask you for your booking printout. Give this letter to them.  

Session Vocabulary

  • armour
    metal clothing that soldiers wear to protect them when they are fighting

    fights between two armies or large groups of people

    in the past, a soldier with a high social position who rode a horse was called a knight

    loved and admired very much

    with a very high level of ability

    football players who are good keeping the football next to them by kicking it lots of times while they run