Paul Scott

Head of Department

What do you do, exactly?

I'm the Head of Department, so I'm responsible for the strategy and direction of the department.

How long have you worked for BBC Learning English?

I can't answer that, I'd prefer to protect my age.

What's your earliest memory?

Falling down a slide after walking up it the wrong way. I was three years old.

Where's your favourite place, and why?

Anywhere that is in the mountains when there is snow and I have my skis with me.

Our awards

ELTons 2017 Finalist:

Digital innovation – News Review

ELTons 2017 Finalist:

Innovation in learner resources – Shakespeare Speaks

ESU 2016 Runner-up - Resources for Secondary and Higher Learners:

Shakespeare Speaks

ESU 2016 Runner-up - The President’s Award for New Technology in English Language Teaching:

English My Way

ELTons 2011 Winner:

Rinku's World and BBCe!

Medea 2008 Finalist:

Pronunciation Tips