Vocabulary Reference

Session 2 - News Review

strike back
attack someone who has attacked you

make a strong promise to do something; make a determined decision to do something

(here) intended to harm or steal private information from a computer

relating to computers

shore up
make more secure

Session 3 - Lingohack

transported by aircraft

side effects
additional unpleasant results of taking a drug

set free

Session 4 - Jamaica Inn: 10 uses of the word 'stay'

stay (A2)
live in a place for a short time

stay out of his way (C1)
avoid him

stay on (C1)
continue to be in a place

stay over (B2)
sleep in a place for the night instead of going home

stays up (B2)
doesn't go to bed at the usual time

stay away from (C1)

stay put (C2)
remain in a place

stay (A1)
continue to be in a place

stay out of trouble (C2)
not get involved with something that will cause problems

stay together (B1)
continue to be with each other