Session 3

Does learning English help your career? Meet someone who thinks it does and hear how she talks about her life in past simple tense. Then, learn how to pronounce past simple verbs correctly.

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Activity 1

English for success

Does learning English help you to be successful? Let’s meet someone who says English has helped her in her career.

Ece Temelkuran comes from Turkey and she’s an international journalist. Watch the video about her English learning journey here. Then do the activity. Or, if you’re feeling brave, do the activity first and then watch the video to see what Ece said.

Watch the video

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Hello to BBC English Learning audience!

When did you start learning English?

I did my High School education in English so I started learning when I was 13, and then after High School I went to Law School which was completely in Turkish so I didn't have anything, I didn't know how to do anything with English so there was, is a gap in my English learning process for about 5 years. And then I restarted on my own, so to speak, by reading magazines and newspapers and watching TV – English TV shows with Turkish subtitles, which, by the way, helps a lot. And then after I began doing international journalism I had to learn English which actually improves English more than anything because when you have to do it you do it so it is still a process actually, I'm still learning.

How has learning English helped your career?

I was able to make [sic] interviews all over the world with those people who speaks [sic] English, so yeah I became an international journalist after learning English.

To do

Now you've met Ece - what do you remember about her?

All about Ece

5 Questions

Here are some statements about Ece. Are they true or false? You decide...

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Well done! We hope that learning English will help you become as successful as Ece. Come and visit us on our Facebook page to share your own story about learning English. Now it’s time for some pronunciation practice. See you on the next page…

Session Vocabulary

  • excited
    very happy and full of energy because something good is happening or is going to happen

    person whose job is to report the news for a newspaper, magazine, radio or television programme

    began again

    a translation or text of what people are saying on TV or a film that is shown at the bottom of the screen

    this word is used to stress what really happened in a situation

    a word written in square brackets […] after a word that you have copied to show that you know it has been spelled or used wrongly

    stopped working because of reaching a certain age