Session 3

In this unit we're going to watch an interview with one of the world's most successful fashion designers, Tom Ford. And you get the chance to practise the present simple and continuous tense by doing two quizzes.

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Activity 1

Meet Tom Ford

Fashion designer Tom Ford was interviewed by the BBC's Talking Business programme at London Fashion Week in 2014.

He talks about the ideas behind his 'collection'. A collection is a group of new clothes made by a designer.

Tom Ford uses the present simple and present continuous in the video. Do the activity to see how much you understand and to test your knowledge of the grammar.

Remember, if you need help you can look at the Session Vocabulary box.


Watch the video and do the activity

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Linda Yueh

Tom it's delightful to talk to you. Talk to me a little bit about the inspiration for your collection.

Tom Ford 

Well last fall I think I went right to the edge really with beads, sequins, embroidery, over-the-top colour. And last spring I pulled back a little bit but still it was quite over-the-top. And I think the natural thing as a fashion designer, or at least for me, is always to think: what am I tired of, what do I want to see more of, how am I feeling now? And the natural reaction is to kind of pull back to maybe a quieter luxury that's really all about the shape, all about the line, all about the fabrics, the workmanship. And a little bit modest luxury. I'm not saying that we're seeing any sort of change in the luxury market because our business is great, but I think that maybe it's time just to be a little less ostentatious with it.

How much did you understand?

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How did you do? Now watch the second Tom Ford video, this time about his London life. There's also another activity to test your grammar.

Session Vocabulary

  • beads – small pieces of wood, glass or other material with holes in them, often used in jewellery

    sequins – small, bright bits of plastic sewn onto clothes

    embroidery – patterns made by sewing into cloth

    over-the-top – very extreme

    to pull back – to move away from (something)

    luxury – very pleasant, good quality and often beautiful

    fabric – material for clothes

    workmanship – (here) skill that someone uses to make things

    modest – (here) looking plain or simple, not expensive

    ostentatious – clearly showing wealth or power