Session 1

In the first of 5 sessions, we have a first look at verb patterns, and pick up some work vocabulary as we meet a Chinese video blogger called Sunny who’s looking for a job.

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Activity 1

Sunny - the video blogger

Help me find a job!

Meet Sunny. She's a vlogger from China. What's a vlogger? It's a video blogger, someone who makes… video blogs! Are there famous vloggers in your country?

Sunny is looking for a job. But she's having problems finding the right job for her.

Let's have a look at her vlog. While you watch, try to catch the answers to these questions.

1) What subject did she study at university?

2) Which musical instrument does she play?

3) Which sport does she dislike?

Watch the video and complete the activity

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My name's Sunny - I'm from China. Hi!

So... I'm looking for a job. The problem is, I don't know what to do - I've tried looking everywhere. So... my career advisor told me to think about what I like doing.

I love dancing... I really, really, really like travelling. I enjoy singing and performing... I guess that's why I decided to study drama at university...

Keeping fit! I always try to keep fit, though I hate swimming! I suppose I just hate to be bored. I even tried to learn juggling and ukulele.

I hope to be famous one day! But for now - I need a job. What do you guys think I should do? Message me!

To do

Let's see if you got those answers right. Try this activity to check what Sunny said...

About Sunny

3 Questions

Put the words in the correct order to make sentences about Sunny.

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Well done. So, Sunny decided to study drama at university. She tried to learn ukulele and she hates swimming. Did you notice what came after the first verbs in these sentences? In the next activity we'll look at what comes after verbs in more detail.

Session Vocabulary

  • vlogger
    someone who makes video blogs

    career advisor (or 'careers advisor')
    someone who gives help and advice to people looking for a job

    throwing and catching two or more objects (usually balls) in the air repeatedly

    a small musical instrument like a guitar with four strings

    to keep fit
    to stay healthy and strong by doing physical exercise