Session 3

How do you say the words you see and hear in the news? In Pronunciation in the News, we take a word that's dominating the headlines and teach you how to say it like a native speaker. In this episode, we're looking at the word proposed.

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Activity 1

Pronunciation in the News


The South Korean government has proposed its first military talks with North Korea since 2015.

Proposed means offered as a possible idea or plan.

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How do you say 'proposed'?

  • There are two syllables: pro-posed
  • The stress is on the second syllable: pro-POSED
  • 's' is pronounced /z/
  • In phonemic script, the word is written like this: /prəˈpəʊzd/

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More pronunciation work

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End of Session 3

Join us in Session 4 for The Teachers' Room. Dan and Sian give tips on essential speaking skills for students.

Session Vocabulary

  • Pronouncing 'proposed'

    Two syllables: pro-posed

    Stress the second syllable: pro-POSED

    's' is pronounced /z/

    In phonemic script: /prəˈpəʊzd/