Vocabulary Reference

Session 2 - News Review

to quickly leave a place, normally because it is dangerous or unpleasant

used here as an adverb before a number to mean 'approximately'

a place which is the the centre of a particular activity

short missions

not stable; likely to break

Session 3 - Lingohack

marine reserve
area of ocean protected by the law

moving in a circular path around an object (especially for planets)

sadness because someone has died

Session 4 - Romeo and Juliet: Eight uses of 'break' 

breaks the news (C2)
tells someone about something bad

break off (B2)
end a relationship

breaks into (B1)
enters a place by force

break up (B1)
end a relationship

breaks down (B1)
gets upset; starts to cry

break her promise (B2)
not do something she had agreed to do

breaking (A2)
separating into smaller pieces

breaks her heart (B2)
makes her feel extremely sad