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Today's Headlines:

British couple ride into Olympic history

Scientists discover 400-year-old shark

Pigeon race champion banned for life

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British cycling's Olympic golden couple Jason Kenny and Laura Trott have ridden into the record books. They've now taken their collective gold medal tally to ten, winning five in Rio. Also on Tuesday 19-year-old Simone Biles became only the fourth competitor to win four gymnastic gold medals. She won the women's floor final.

The Greenland shark lives in the icy Arctic waters and feeds on fish and seals. But until now no one knew exactly how long they live. Researchers have found one that could be 400 years old, making it the oldest vertebrate animal.

A racing pigeon champion has been banned for life from the sport, after claims he admitted cheating to win a major international race. Eamon Kelly, who lives in Oxfordshire, is accused of not sending the pigeons to the start line in France – instead, hiding the birds in the loft of his home. Now the sports chairman in the county wants other big-race results to be investigated. 

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Session Vocabulary

  • medal tally
    number of medals won

    feeds on
    eats, consumes (especially for animals)

    breaking the rules of a competition