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Session 4

Vocabulary: 12 uses of 'go'

Enjoy our version of Cinderella – and learn 12 different ways to use the word 'go'.

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Activity 2

If the slipper fits...

Will it be happily ever after?

How do you think the story ends?

A) The prince finds Cinderella and they get married
B) The prince breaks the glass slipper
C) The ugly step-sisters lock Cinderella in her room
D) Something else

To do

Watch the video and find out which option is correct. And listen out for three more uses of go.

Watch the video and complete the activity

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Hello, I'm Mariam. Let's catch-up with Cinderella, who's about to arrive at that big party the King is holding. She's all dressed up thanks to the Fairy Godmother – let's find out what happens next…

The party is amazing – incredible food, wonderful music, lots of smartly dressed people – but when Cinders walks in, everyone's head turns – they've never seen such a beautiful woman and such fancy clothes. The prince asks her to dance and they spend the whole evening together – time goes by quickly and she soon forgets about the fairy magic ending at midnight. With only seconds to go she runs off before her clothes turn back to rags and her sisters discover who she is. But in the rush, one of her glass slippers falls off but there's no time to pick it up so she has to go without it.

The prince says, "I shall marry the beautiful girl whose foot fits this slipper and only her." In the morning the prince goes from house to house with the glass slipper and every woman tries to squeeze her foot into it. But it doesn't fit any of them.

It's touch and go whether he'll ever find the rightful owner but then he arrives at Cinders’ house – the step-sisters are keen to have a go but of course it doesn't fit. They don't think about asking Cinders because they didn’t believe she’d been at the party – but the prince insists she give it a go – and sure enough it fits.

Well you know how the rest of the story goes, they get married and live happily ever after – however, Cinders makes sure the prince isn't marrying her just because of her money and fancy clothes, and he assures her it is for true love. As for the step-sisters – well they live with them working as their servants.

Wouldn't it be good if some fairy tales came true? Although I wouldn't fancy wearing a pair of glass slippers – too uncomfortable – and they wouldn't go with my outfit! Well that's all for today but please join me next time for another story. See you next then.

To do

So, the correct answer was A) the prince finds Cinderella and the glass slipper fits her foot. He marries her for true love!

Now something you must not go without – a fun quiz to practise the different uses of go. Good luck and give it a go!

What's the use of 'go'?

6 Questions

Choose the best expression with go to fill each gap.

Congratulations you completed the Quiz
Excellent! Great job! Bad luck! You scored:
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Over to you

We asked you to tell us a story using as many of the phrases with go as possible:

  • go shopping
  • go downhill
  • it goes without saying
  • go to
  • go into detail
  • goes by
  • to go
  • go without
  • touch and go
  • give it a go
  • goes
  • go with

Your stories


One day I went shopping. I wanted to buy a jacket. So far I had saved a lot of money. It goes without saying that I had been waiting for this day to come! But I couldn't buy a jacket after all. I will go into detail now. On that day I went shopping, I looked for a jacket which I would go with, and finally I found one. I tried it on and I found it perfect. I'll take this one. But it was touch and go how much it would cost and I asked. The price was very reasonable! OK! I'll buy this one! I went on to pay. Then I found I hadn't had my wallet with me! I hurried home and went back with my wallet. But the jacket had been already bought when I was there again! I should have asked them to keep watch over it!

End of Session 4

Join Tim in the Pronunciation Workshop next to find out what happens when one word ends in a /d/ sound and the next one begins in /b/.

Session Vocabulary

  • go shopping (A1)
    visit shops to buy things

    go downhill (C2)
    become worse

    it goes without saying (B2)
    it is obvious

    go to (A2)

    go into detail (B2)
    talk about all the facts

    goes by (B2)

    to go (C1)

    go without (C1)
    not have something that you need or usually have

    touch and go (C2)

    give it a go  (B2)
    try something

    goes (B1)

    go with (B1)

    match; look good next to


    A1 = Beginner
    A2 = Elementary
    B1 = Lower Intermediate
    B2 = Higher Intermediate
    C1 = Towards Advanced
    C2 = Advanced