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Today's Headlines:

Nepal drains dangerous Everest lake

Promising signs for new male contraceptive

New home for thousands of baby turtles 

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Nepal's army has finished draining a dangerous lake near Mount Everest. Officials say it's the highest drainage project of its kind in the world. The equipment was airlifted up to 5,000 metres for the work. It's vital to protect communities downstream and prevent flooding. Scientists say global warming makes glaciers melt fast and lakes get filled up.

A hormone injection has been shown to be a safe and effective method of contraception for men. Scientists in the US say the jab was almost 96 per cent effective in tests. However, more research is needed as a relatively high number developed side effects, including acne and mood disorders.

Thousands of baby Taricaya turtles have been released into the Peruvian Amazon. The move is part of an effort to save them from extinction after extensive logging and development in the rainforest.

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End of Session 3

Join us in Session 4 for another story in our vocabulary series. Learn 10 ways to use the word stay while enjoying a classic tale.

Session Vocabulary

  • airlifted
    transported by aircraft

    side effects
    additional unpleasant results of taking a drug

    set free