Vocabulary Reference

Session 2 - News Review

drinking more than another person

wine o'clock
(humorous) an appropriate time of day to start drinking wine

knocking back
drinking something quickly or in large amounts, particularly alcohol

person who drinks a lot of alcohol

Session 3 - Lingohack

given the green light
approved to proceed


organisation that raises money for a particular purpose of public interest 

Session 4 - Orpheus and Eurydice: 13 uses of the word 'long'

all day long (B1)
continuously throughout the day

long (A1)
measuring a large distance between two points

before long (B1)
soon; quickly

last long (B1)
continue for a lot of time

a long way off (B1)
a large distance away

take long (B2)
need a lot of time

long gone (C1)
departed a large amount of time ago

as long as I live (B2)
for the rest of my life

no longer (B2)
not any more

a long shot (C2)
an attempt that is unlikely to succeed

at long last (B2)
finally; after a lot of time and/or effort

so long as (C1)
on the condition that

longed (C2)
wanted to do something very much