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Today's Headlines:

Rubbish threat to Machu Picchu

Prince Harry on HIV awareness campaign

David Bowie's collection on show

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The iconic ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru have come under the spotlight for the country's inability to deal with the mounds of trash tourists are leaving behind. So much so that Unesco has given Peru a deadline to deal with the problem or risk the site going into the World Heritage danger list.

In an effort to help tackle the stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS, the Queen's grandson, Prince Harry, has been tested for HIV. He wants to encourage more people to come forward to find out if they have the virus and his goal is to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS. The 31-year-old prince confessed he'd been a bit nervous before having the simple procedure done.

And to David Bowie's private art collection, which is going on public display for the first time before being auctioned later this year. The 300 works include those by Henry Moore and Damien Hirst - with the collection valued at more than 18 million dollars. 

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Session Vocabulary

  • inability
    lack of effort or skill needed to do something

    final time when something should have been completed


    sold to whoever pays the highest price