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Today's Headlines:

Benefits of statins underestimated

'Brangelina' is no more

Karaoke star Ted, 80, lands record deal 

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A major review of evidence about drugs known as statins has concluded that their benefits have been underestimated and their potential harms exaggerated. The report in The Lancet medical journal says that the anti-cholesterol drugs can cut the risk of strokes and heart attacks in both high risk and low risk patients.

Hollywood’s golden couple – Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie – are to divorce after 12 years together. Mr Pitt says he is very saddened by his wife’s decision to end their marriage. They have six children.

An 80-year-old British man with dementia has become an internet sensation through his carpool karaoke performances with his son. Now Ted McDermott has been signed up by a major record company. Ted has Alzheimer’s and sometimes he struggles to recognise his own family, but his son Simon noticed that singing helped Ted become his old self.

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  • potential

    made unhappy

    (here) something or somebody very popular