Session 3

Now it's your turn to help plan a wedding! In this session you will use the present continuous and going to as you become a busy wedding planner. And we'll look at a new way of talking about the future.

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Activity 1

You're the wedding planner

Any last-minute changes?

We've been learning about other people's weddings. Now it's your turn to plan a wedding.

Your name is Rolandas - and you're a busy wedding planner.

Today is Friday 10th, and you're planning two big weddings.

Your secretary has planned your diary for the week – but left a note telling you to check your phone messages for last-minute changes.


  1. Wednesday 22nd Katie at wedding show
  2. Wednesday 22nd – take delivery of tablecloths
  3. Flowers designs – ready now
  4. Flower shop times – open at 12 o’clock Saturdays
  5. Approve flower designs – Where? When?
  6. Meet Katie – Where? When?

To do

Now, listen to your phone messages and answer the questions. Are the plans in your diary correct? Or do they need to change?

Listen to the audio and complete the activity

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Message 1

Hi, this is Katie with a message for Rolandas: Rolandas I’m calling you from the wedding show, and we’re looking at the table decorations: we’ve seen some beautiful red and white tablecloths that we absolutely love so I’m ordering them now and the supplier’s delivering them to your office next week on Wednesday 22nd, ok, thanks for that, bye!

Message 2

Hello this is a message for Rolandas perfect weddings, just to let you know that Flora’s flowers are planning to have the flower designs ready for your approval this Saturday the 11th and we’re really looking forward to showing you. I think they are beautiful and I know you’re going to love them. The shop opens at 12 noon at weekends so see you any time after that, thanks, bye.

Message 3

Hi Rol, this is Katie again, just to let you know I’m cancelling the tablecloths, sorry but we’ve seen some much nicer ones at the Fancy Tables stand, they’re really lovely but they are a bit more expensive and they’re not quite right so we’re going to visit the showroom to see what they’ve got, we're going on Saturday afternoon so if you can join us at about 12ish that would be great. Bye!

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Phone messages!

6 Questions

Are the plans in your diary correct?

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Well done. Did you find that easy? Or was it tricky? In the next activity, we're going to look at some of the useful language in those messages. It's often used in English in particular situations, like in business or when arranging things.