Session 3

Our journey continues! In this session we visit two more of the world's great cities. We explore some special rules for using articles and Emma teaches us how to pronounce them correctly.

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Welcome to London!

Have you visited London? The UK's capital city has so much to see and do and it's where the BBC Learning English team live and work - so we made an audio guide to different parts of London!

Here's part of the guide. It's about a very famous area in London. Can you hear where it is? Listen to the guide, then scroll down the page to hear the answer and try a comprehension activity.

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Although it is called Covent Garden, it is far more than a garden. In fact, it is a public square with rich history, beautiful architecture and an attractive cultural atmosphere. Don't forget that the famous opera house is right here too with all the big theatres and cinemas as well. Almost 1 million people visit the famous Covent Garden every week, from all parts of the world. But why?

I like to come to Covent Garden because it has an environment where there is something for everyone. There is a restaurant of your choosing, there are shops, there is entertainment. It's a nice place to walk around because there is no traffic. So people can do whatever they want here at their leisure. There isn't any pressure to worry about going somewhere. You can spend all day here and feel you've had a good time out.

Yes, it's wonderful going around the market as it is London's best showcase for homemade British design.

Here in the large open space, a juggler is entertaining crowds of people who are cheering with excitement...

Well, there's somebody juggling with actually, it's a chainsaw, it's actually an electric device and an axe, and an apple, and he eats a bit of the apple and he juggles and he eats a bit of the apple, it's really incredible.

Yes: impressive. If you ever get the chance to go to London, I certainly think Covent Garden is a place worth going to. Although many of the shops and restaurants around here can be a bit pricey, there's plenty to watch and see for free, whether it's street theatre with jugglers and acrobats or handicrafts and paintings. There certainly is something for everyone. And getting there is easy. The name of the tube stop is Covent Garden.


Download the audio (size: 5.1MB).

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Did you get it? The guide is about Covent Garden. Now try the comprehension activity to test your understanding.

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We've done a lot of travelling in this unit - but before we go any further it's time to find out how to pronounce articles with Emma. Meet her on the next page.

Session Vocabulary

  • architecture
    the style and design of buildings

    (here) relating to music, literature, theatre and other arts

    a feeling that a situation is difficult or stressful

    a place or event that shows the good qualities of something

    someone who throws and catches lots of objects at the same time, usually as a performance to entertain people

    a motorised tool made of lots of small blades that move very quickly, used for cutting down trees

    a heavy metal blade joined to a wooden handle, used for cutting trees or wood