Session 1

Technology's a good thing, right? It helps us stay in touch with friends and family wherever we are. But do we use it too much? In this session we do a fun quiz about how we use technology, and also learn the vocabulary for the unit.

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Activity 1

Too much tech?

Smartphones, tablets, mobile devices… We may love technology and the digital world, but how much is too much? For many people, their mobile phone is the first thing they look at in the morning and the last thing at night. Spending too much time online can affect our health and relationships. Maybe it's time for a digital detox?

In this session, you'll do a quiz about your relationship with technology and the internet. It's not a scientific survey; it's just for fun and to make you think. In the quiz there are lots of useful words that you need to talk about this technology. You can find all the meanings in our vocabulary area.

Answer the questions

To do

Answer the questions and make a note of your answers: A, B or C. Try to answer as truthfully as possible.

1)  If you see a beautiful sunset, what do you do?

  • A I sit down, relax and enjoy it
  • B I take a picture of it to show my friends later
  • C I take a picture and post it immediately to social media

2)  If you leave home without your smartphone, how do you feel?

  • A Fantastic, it's good to have a break from the digital world
  • B A bit annoyed, but no big problem
  • C I hate being offline, I would go home and get it straight away

3)  How do you listen to music?

  • A I listen on CD or cassette
  • B I listen on my mp3 player
  • C I always stream music online

4)  How often do you update social media (a new status on Facebook, a tweet on Twitter)?

  • A Once a month or less
  • B Every day
  • C Several times a day

5)  Which devices do you use to go online?

  • A My desktop computer
  • B My desktop, laptop and smartphone
  • C My desktop, laptop, smartphone, smartwatch, tablet and games console

Your results

Look at your answers. Did you write mostly As, Bs or Cs? Do you need a digital detox?

Mostly As
Technology, what technology? You do use technology, but also like to switch it off now and again. You don't need a digital detox.

Mostly Bs
You enjoy technology and use it quite often. But you don't mind being offline now and again.

Mostly Cs
You love the digital world! But maybe you would enjoy an occassional break?


There was a lot of new vocabulary in this activity. In the next activity you'll do a test to see how much you've learned.


Session Vocabulary

  • smartphones
    mobile phones that connect to the internet and can do things like take photos

    small, flat computers with touch screens

    machines that have been made for a particular purpose, for example to go on the internet

    on the internet

    a period when you stop doing something harmful to improve your health

    publish to the internet

    relating to the use of computer and internet technology

    not connected to the internet

    a kind of audio file

    (here) to play video or audio on the internet without downloading

    (here) add something new

    on social media, a piece of information you publish about yourself

    a message on Twitter

    (here) a personal computer which can sit on a desk

    a personal computer which you can carry easily

    a watch which can connect to the internet

    games console
    a special computer only used for playing games