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Session 1

Love is in the air! We listen to someone who has met the right person. But what does his friend think? Will he get hurt again? And we look at all the useful expressions they use for talking about love and romance.

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Activity 1

It must be love

She's the one

Dave's in a very good mood – what can it all mean? His friend Mike has to find out.

To do

While you listen, see if you can answer this question:

What is the name of Dave's ex-girlfriend?

Listen to the audio and complete the activity

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Dave, you look happy.

Oh yes, I am. You can say that again. I'm in the pink! Go on, ask me why.

Why are you so happy?

Actually no, I can't say. I promised I wouldn't.


Oh, alright then. I've fallen in love! I've met the right woman. She is the one!

Really? Who is she?

Her name’s Maria. You don't know her. I met her in the pub.

The pub? Dave…

What? She's a wonderful, intelligent woman. And she's really fit.

Yeah, but I just don't want to see you get hurt again. Not after last time…

What, Sarah? That was different. She was a two-timing… Look - I won't get my heart broken again. This time it’s for real. Maria's my soulmate.

Woah – you've got it really bad.

I have. I'm smitten. I'm loved up. I want the whole world to sing – and it's beautiful!

So, was it love at first sight?

Well, yeah. I mean, fancied her when I first saw her sitting at the bar eating a packet of crisps. But then we got talking, and I realised it was more than that. She just… gets me.

So when are you seeing her again?

Tonight. I asked her out.

Another date in the pub?

We'll start in the pub, and then I'm going to her house to meet her mother.

Her mother? Steady on Dave - this is serious!!

Did you hear the name of Dave's ex-girlfriend? It was Sarah.

To do

Did you understand the rest of what they said? Do the quiz to find out.

Dave's in love

7 Questions

How much of Dave and Mike's conversation did you understand? Do the quiz to find out.

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We've heard Dave and Mike talk about falling in love. In the next activity, see if you can use some of the language of love.

Session Vocabulary

  • ex-girlfriend
    a woman who used to be someone's girlfriend, but is not anymore

    in the pink
    (informal) feeling healthy and happy

    fallen in love
    started to love someone deeply

    the one
    (here) the perfect man or woman for someone

    the pub
    a local bar serving alcohol

    (here; informal) attractive

    (informal) unfaithful; having another boyfriend/girlfriend secretly

    heart broken
    made to feel sad by a loved one leaving or betraying you

    a person you have a special relationship with because you understand each other’s feelings

    got it really bad
    (informal) deeply in love

    suddenly feeling you are in love with somebody

    loved up
    (informal) overwhelmed with feelings of love

    love at first sight
    falling in love the first time you see someone

    (informal) was sexually attracted to

    she just gets me
    (informal) she completely understands me

    I asked her out
    I asked her to go out with me for a romantic meeting

    (here) a romantic meeting for an activity

    steady on
    (informal) calm down; do not rush