Session 5

Hear more of our drama. Alice is still in Wonderland. She's beginning to wonder who she is, when a caterpillar gives her some advice. After that, test yourself in our weekly quiz.

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Activity 2

Weekly Quiz

What do you know?

Unit 25 is almost finished! Now try our quiz to find out how much you have learnt about state and action verbs - and vocabulary about moving house and sharing with other people. Why don't you tell us how you did on Facebook?

Read the text and complete the activity

Weekly Quiz

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Can you get 15 out of 15? Try the quiz and test what you've learnt in Unit 25!

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End of Unit 25

That's all for Unit 25. We hope you enjoyed it. Please come back for more learning in Unit 26 when love is in the air! We explore love and relationships and look at all the useful expressions used for talking about love and romance. 

Session Vocabulary

  • shrank
    past tense of shrink; became smaller

    hookah pipe
    a water pipe for smoking tobacco. Hookah pipes are popular in Turkey and the Middle East

    how tall or short something is

    the bottom part of your face under your mouth

    shoulders (singular: shoulder)
    the part of your body on each side of your neck, between the top of your arms and your neck

    the part of your body between your shoulders and your head