Session 3

People talk about living together

Living with others can be a great experience, but it can also have its downsides. In this session, we listen to three people talking about the some of the good things, and some of the not so good things about sharing your home.

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Activity 2

Use the new language

In Activity 1 we heard different people talk about sharing a home. They used a lot of useful vocabulary, including a lot of state verbs to describe their experience. You can check the new language in the grammar and vocabulary boxes.

Try the activity

How well can you use the new language? Choose the best word or words to complete each sentence. You have to think about the meaning and the grammatical form.

Housing, state verbs and phrasal verbs

9 Questions

Can you use state verbs and the new vocabulary? Try the quiz to find out!

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End of Session 3

That's it for this session. We've put what we've learned about phrasal verbs and state verbs into action. In the next session, We'll read all about the problems we can have when we move somewhere new. And we ask the querstion: how can you pick the perfect flatmate?

Session Grammar

  • State verbs
    Used when talking about attitudes, thoughts, senses, or belonging. Most state verbs are not used in the continuous (-ing) form. In Activity 1, we saw these state verbs:

    want, mean, have, agree, think, taste, like, love, care, stink, look, need, charge, owe, know

Session Vocabulary

  • moved in
    started living in a new home

    for a short period of time

    money paid as the first part of a larger amount

    an agreement that involves both sides giving up something they wanted

    fallen out
    had an argument and no longer friends

    can’t stand

    sit through
    stay until the end of something that is boring

    turn the music down
    make the music quieter

    a right laugh
    (informal) a lot of fun

    trash the place
    (informal) make a terrible mess

    worried; concerned

    tidying up
    cleaning; making neat

    cleaning rota
    a list of jobs and the people who will do them

    good enough to live in

    smell very bad

    take it down
    remove it, piece by piece

    throw it away
    get rid of it

    people who share a house but are not part of the same family

    mod cons
    equipment found in a modern home that make life easier

    type of fast internet connection

    central heating
    a system that heats all the rooms in a building from one main source

    in a bit of a state
    (informal) not in good condition

    hack back
    (informal) clear plants by cutting

    a kick around
    (informal) play an informal game of football

    a place to live or stay in

    having too many people

    bunk beds
    two beds that are fixed together, one above the other

    providing food and drinks

    the hours are very long
    the job takes many hours

    take turns
    each have a time when we do it

    a couple
    (here) two people who are married or have a relationship

    make up
    (here) end a disagreement and become friends

    person you pay rent to for a property

    someone who dislikes spending money

    easy; quick; nearby

    (informal) something that costs more than it is worth

    (here) the money you pay regularly for a property

    move out
    leave a home permanently