Session 2

I love London

State verbs are important for describing attitudes, thoughts, senses and belonging. Learn how to use them in this session, and listen to some people talking about life in London.

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Activity 1

London life – different views

Living in the UK's capital - love it or hate it?

Listen to three people talking about living in London.

While you are listening, answer this question: who likes London the least?

Listen to the audio and complete the activity

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I love living in London. It’s so cosmopolitan – I doubt there is a more exciting city to live and work in.

I quite like living here. I mean, London’s got great sites to see and there’s lots to do, but I prefer life in the countryside. I think that’s where I really belong.

London’s awful – I hate living here. I don’t understand why everyone thinks it is so great. Everything costs so much!

Did you hear who likes London least? It was Max.

To do

How much did you understand of what was said? Do the quiz to find out!

Who said what?

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Who said what about living in London?

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You've heard people talking about life in London. Next look at the state verbs they used and learn how to use them.

Session Grammar

  • Action verbs describe things we do or things that happen. 

    Ted is playing football.
    The sun rose at six this morning.

    We use state verbs to talk about attitudes, thoughts, senses or belonging. Sometimes, state verbs can also describe actions. Most state verbs are not used in the continuous (-ing) form.

    The children love ice cream.
    believe in angels.

Session Vocabulary

  • cosmopolitan
    international; having people and things from many countries

    very bad