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Session 3

Reality TV can be the first step on the road to world fame. In this session we see how Daisy's life changes after The Box. Watch a video of Daisy, read an article about her life, and practise useful language for talking about events in the past, present and future.


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Activity 2

Daisy goes global

Daisy’s past, present or future?

Six months after winning The Box, how has Daisy’s life changed? Has she become more famous? What is she working on now? What is she going to do next? Find out in this report on her extraordinary career.

Read the newspaper article to see more examples of past simple (finished events in the past), present perfect (before now with no set time) present continuous (happening now) and will and going to to talk about the future.

Read the text and do try the activity


There are now plans for a musical called ‘Daisy’ to be staged in London’s West End. The show is going to cash in on the incredible success of Daisy, the hottest celebrity in town.

Daisy exploded onto our TV screens six months ago in February when she won reality TV show The Box. Her life since winning has been anything but quiet.

Soon after the show she made headlines when she got engaged to Italian pop sensation, Fabio. Together they had a hit song ‘No, No, Yes, Yes’ which gave her global celebrity status.

Then, in April she shocked Daisy fans when she broke off the engagement in order to pursue a solo career.

Since then Daisy has had a number one record and won the celebrity version of The Box. She has also recently moved to Hollywood where she hosts her own talk show – ‘Simply Daisy’.

Right now she is rehearsing for the musical in which she will play herself. She says it is the hardest job she has ever had because her character is so complex. The show is going to open in December. After that, Daisy is going to start work on an autobiography. The book is going to teach people how to become famous like her.

Has her rise to fame changed her? Daisy says not at all. She is still very close to her family, who helped her when she was an unknown. She doesn’t need their help anymore, but she now employs them as cleaners and gardeners at her three UK homes.


To do

When do the different events happen? Test what you understood with the quiz!

Daisy’s past, present or future? Multiple Choice

5 Questions

Are the events in Daisy’s life in the past, happening now or planned for the future? Choose the sentence that is true.

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End of Session 3

That's enough for this session! We hope you enjoyed following the career of Daisy: a modern celebrity. We also hope you are more confident talking about the past present and future!

In Session 4 we'll talk about the dangers of fame and celebrity culture. 

Session Grammar

  • Example sentences

    Past simple (finished events in the past)
    I was on TV yesterday.

    Present perfect (before now with no set time)
    I have been on TV many times.

    Present continuous (happening now)
    I am watching TV right now.

    Going to + infinitive (future plans and predictions)
    I am going to be on TV next week.

Session Vocabulary

  • musical
    a film or play that uses songs and music to tell the story

    London’s West End
    an area of central London that has many famous theatres

    cash in
    to make money from the success of something

    (here) arrived and had a big impact

    reality TV
    TV programmes that film ordinary people in different situations

    made headlines
    was in newspapers and the news

    pop sensation
    a singer who is very popular and causes a lot of excitement

    hit song
    a tune that is very successful

    global celebrity status
    fame around the world

    pursue a solo career
    (here) make music on her own, not as part of a group

    number one record
    a song that sells better than any other

    (here) a form of the TV show that is slightly different

    presents; talks to guests on

    talk show
    a TV programme in which people are interviewed and/or talk about a topic

    prepare and practise for a public performance of a drama or piece of music

    act the part of someone in a drama

    a person who appears in a story

    a book written by someone about their own life

    rise to fame
    the process of becoming famous

    an unknown
    someone who is not famous at all