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Session 4

We often use the words very, too, and enough to talk about problems - when things are too difficult or when we don't have enough time. In this session, you're going to hear Alice and Neil talking about their problems.

Then we want to hear from you, but not about your problems - tell us about fairy tales from your country. Try to use verytoo and enough correctly!

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Activity 1

Curry and office problems!

When things aren't going your way...

...you can use the words too, very and enough to talk about what's wrong. Have you every had a cooking disaster? Have you ever been frustrated at work? Well, Alice and Neil have! And here they are talking about things that haven't gone so well for them.

Listen to them and answer these questions:

  • Did Alice get to eat her curry?
  • Does Neil like his office workplace?

Listen to the audio and try the activity

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I love cooking. And usually I’m quite good at it, but I thought I’d try something different – Indian food! I made a curry. It looked delicious! Unfortunately, I’m not very good at judging how much spice to put in. When I tasted it, it was very spicy and far too hot for me to eat. It was absolutely disgusting! I had to throw it away. Next time I think I’ll get a takeaway.

I work in an open-plan office, which means there are no small, individual offices, just one great big floor with hundreds of people sitting in rows. And I don’t really like it because, for a start, it’s too noisy. I need to concentrate when I’m working and there are too many people talking. There isn’t enough peace and quiet for me.

Also, we have what’s called hot-desking and that means that nobody has their own desk. And so when you come in, in the morning, you may or may not be able to find somewhere to work. And I find that very stressful because there aren’t enough seats for everyone. Sometimes I have to do a job which requires a desk and not a laptop, and I can end up very, very angry.

Did you get it? Alice didn't eat her curry in the end - she had to throw it away! And Neil doesn't like working in an open-plan office - he says it's too noisy and being there can make him angry! Oh dear!


You can download this audio (size: 2.5MB)

To do 

Now you’ve listened to Alice and Neil, try this quiz. You need to think about the word order and also decide if the nouns are countable or uncountable.

Make correct sentences!

5 Questions

Choose the right words to make grammatically correct and true sentences about Alice and Neil's problems. There are more words than you need

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Now it's over to you in the next activity! We're leaving the housing problems for a moment and thinking about fairy tales again. Share your stories with us!

Session Vocabulary

  • judging
    (here) deciding

    (here) very spicy

    throw away
    (here) put in the rubbish bin

    food cooked in a restaurant that is eaten somewhere else

    having a large room that is not divided into smaller rooms or areas

    a practice where workers do not have their own desk - instead they use whichever desk is free