Session 3

Find out why Inspector Stone spends most of this episode hiding in the garden... and practise forming past simple negatives

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Activity 3

The Mother of the Bride


Read the text and complete the activity

Some silly mistakes

Inspector Stone may be asking the right questions but the mother of the bride is acting a bit suspiciously by saying some of the wrong words. Did you hear them? She made six mistakes with past simple negatives. Maybe she was feeling nervous. Watch the video again, or listen to the audio, to help you in the next activity.

To do

Look at what the mother of the bride said and then choose the words that she should have said.

The Mother of the Bride's mistakes

6 Questions

Choose the correctly written sentence.

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End of Session 3

How did you get on with Session 3? You can download Inspector Stone's latest case notes here. In Session 4 you can hear the final episode of the Case of the Missing Ring in which Inspector Stone reveals the identity of the ring thief while explaining and practising a very important feature of English pronunciation. Don't miss it!