Session 1

What's the weather like where you live? In this session we take a look at weather forecasting and learn some useful vocabulary for talking about the weather.

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Activity 1

Welcome to the weather

Words and pictures

Weather, in meteorological terms, refers to the daily elements like temperature, wind and rain. In some countries the weather doesn't change much from day to day. In others, the weather can change from season to season, day to day and even hour to hour.

Because the weather can change so much, some people keep an eye on the weather forecast so they can plan their daily activities - and decide what to wear!

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What's the weather like where you are? The BBC weather forecasters – the people who tell us what the weather will be like – use clear and simple symbols to describe the weather. Look at these symbols and work out what type of weather they refer to.

Weather symbols

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Choose the correct symbol for each type of weather

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How did you get on? There is lots of weather vocabulary to learn, especially in the UK where we have lots of weather! In the next activity you can watch a BBC weather forecast and learn some more weather-related words and phrases.

Session Vocabulary

  • meteorological
    related to the scientific study of weather

    a statement about what is probably going to happen

    keep an eye on
    check regularly

    pictures or shapes that represent other things