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Rob and Finn share their ideas for the New Year. Finn wants to be healthy - but can he stick to his plans? We also take a look at the words just, already and yet with the present perfect tense.

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Activity 1

Finn's resolutions

Time to get healthy

Welcome to Unit 14. We're going to practise using the three words just, already and yet with the present perfect tense. As usual, we'll do that with the help of videos and stories.

Do you make New Year's resolutions? These are the promises people make to themselves in the New Year. Often, people say things like 'I'm going to lose weight', or 'I want to read more'. Finn and Rob have made some - and we'll find out what they are in this video.

Finn and Rob made some New Year's resolutions. But what do you think Finn's resolutions will be - and will he keep them? Choose three.

  • Eat no meat in January
  • Eat less ice cream
  • Go running every morning
  • Learn a foreign language
  • Stop drinking coffee

Now, let's watch the video and find out if you were right.

Watch the video and complete the activity

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Hi Rob.

Hi Finn. How's it going? How are the New Year's resolutions? What was it? No meat? No eating meat in January?

Yes, that's right. I've just ordered a nice, big, vegetarian breakfast. No meat at all Rob, no.

Oh right. Good for you. And what about the coffee?

No, no - I haven't had a cup yet! No coffee for me this year.

And the exercise? What did you say - a run every morning?

Yeah that's going really well too, actually. I've already signed up at the gym... and I've just been for my morning run. I'm still in my shorts and t-shirt, actually! Haha. Anyway, what about you Rob? You said you were going to learn a language.

Yes - I've learned some Spanish: huevos, bacon, salchichas, frijoles y tostadas.

Wow, that's impressive, Rob.

Yes, it means eggs, bacon, sausage, beans and toast: a 'full English breakfast'!

To do

Were you right about Finn's resolutions? Answer these questions about the video.

New Year's Resolutions

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So Rob has kept his resolution to learn a foreign language... but Finn isn't doing very well with his resolutions! He made three resolutions: to eat no meat in January; to stop drinking coffee and to go running every morning - he's broken all three!

Finn was fibbing when he said: "I've just ordered a nice, big, vegetarian breakfast." Do you know which tense he used? It was the present perfect tense. And can you remember how Finn used it with the words yet, already and just? Let's do the activity on the next page.

Session Vocabulary

  • to sign up
    (here) to join a course or organisation

    lying about something that isn't important