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Session 5

It's the final episode of The Race today! Do Phil and his crew make it back to London in time? Or will he fail his challenge to get around the world in 80 days? And will he win Sophia's heart?

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The Race: Episode 10 - Phil's audio diary

Phil and his friends were sailing through the Caribbean sea when a huge wave hit the yacht. Have they survived? And if they have… will they get back to London in time to complete their round the world challenge? Time is running out.

You can hear a summary of what happens here. If you don't want to know what happens, listen to the whole of episode 10 first on the next page.

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Dear Diary, our last few days were very difficult. A big wave hit us, but we survived and sailed across the Atlantic Ocean. Then we sailed into some fog and crashed into some rocks.

The yacht, The Mermaid, sank – but we were rescued and we got back to London to meet our friends. We thought it was day 81 but Passepartout said we gained an extra day when we crossed the International Date Line. So we did it - we sailed around the world in 80 days!

Unfortunately, my prize was to keep the yacht and that had sunk - but it didn't matter. I asked Sophia to marry me. She said yes! It's good to be home - and life is good.


You can download the audio and transcript from our Unit 10 downloads page.


Now, let's listen to episode 10 of The Race.

Session Grammar

  • When we use two verbs together, what form does the second verb take?

    Verbs followed by a gerund
    admit, advise, consider, discuss

    Verbs followed by an infinitive
    agree, appear, choose, decide

    Verbs followed by either, same meaning
    begin, continue, hate, like

    Verbs followed by either, change in meaning
    forget, regret, remember, stop

Session Vocabulary