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Session 4

Sunny the vlogger has applied for a job – and she’s got an interview! She needs you to help her prepare – and answer the interviewer’s questions

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Activity 2

Thank you for your interest in this position…

Your big chance!

Finally, it's time for Sunny's interview… With your help, we're sure she'll get the job.

Don't be nervous, just sit down, relax, and help her through a few interview questions.

Read the text and complete the activity

To do

Craig said that preparation is very important, so before you do the interview, take some time to read this information about the company and the job:

Company: Big Fun Tours

Big Fun Tours was founded in 2001. We organise travel experiences across Europe and Asia. We believe that the most important part of travel is meeting new people. We want to give you the most authentic experience possible: you won't stay in a hotel; you will stay in the home of one of our network of host families. We hope to see you on one of our tours very soon.

Job description: UK tour manager

  • Organising every detail of clients' tours
  • Welcoming clients to the UK and taking them to their host families
  • Dealing with problems
  • Writing reports and maintaining records

Person specification

  • Educated to degree level
  • Experience in the tourism industry preferred
  • Excellent speaker of English and at least one other language (preferably Chinese, Spanish or Russian)
  • Experience in leading groups

To do

Imagine you are Sunny. Try to write her answers to the questions in the next activity. You can find the information to put in her answers in these places:

1) Sunny's video blog

2) Sunny's covering letter

3) Craig's interview advice

4) Information about the company, the job description and person specification (all on this page)

The interview

5 Questions

Can you answer these questions to help Sunny get the job

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So that’s Sunny’s interview. She’s working hard to improve her life - let’s hope she does well! Now let’s cross to another part of the world where this Unit’s News Report brings us the story of a project that wants to help Ghanaian girls improve their lives by getting a good education.

Session Grammar

  • When we use two verbs together, what form does the second verb take?

    Followed by a gerund
    admit, advise, consider, discuss

    Followed by an infinitive
    agree, appear, choose, decide

    Followed by either, same meaning  
    begin, continue, hate, like

    Followed by either, change in meaning
    forget, regret, remember, stop

Session Vocabulary

  • authentic
    real and true, not a copy

    host families
    families that guests stay with


    short for 'preparation' – getting things ready in advance

    job description
    an official description of a job used by employers

    person specification
    a list of skills and experience someone needs to do a job

    (here) possible, probable

    head start
    advantage; something that increases the possibility of success

    statements about how well someone is doing something, to help them do it better next time

    first and foremost
    most importantly

    very scary

    body language
    movements of your body that show what you are thinking and feeling

    non-verbal communication
    communication without words

    eye contact
    looking at someone in their eyes

    moving your head up and down to show you agree or understand

    describes confident behaviour that shows someone's opinions

    go back to the top
    go back to the beginning

    say something in another way

    speedy response
    quick answer

    the people at an interview who ask questions and decide who to give the job to

    a formal or official word for ‘job’