Session 2

Asking Questions

You can't speak English without asking questions! There are a few different question types in English. In this session you'll see our presenters asking each other questions. We'll show you the grammar rules of question forms - and then you'll have a chance to practise.

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Activity 2

Getting to know each other - part 2

Asking Questions

In Activity 1, our presenters asked each other lots of questions. You now have the chance to practise writing questions yourself. 

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Question forms: Practice

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Rearrange the words to make questions.

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Why don’t you get your friends together and ask them some of the same questions? What do you think they will say?

Facts about the course

Now it’s time to find out about two other features of the course. The first feature is the ‘Grammar Reference’. In each unit we help you explore a grammar point that you need to learn.

However, you will need to do some extra work on your own. We have written an in-depth grammar guide for each unit. You can find it on the Grammar Reference page (you can also access it from the navigation bar at the top of each page).

To improve your language you should study our grammar pages and try to complete the activities that you find there. 

The second feature is… Well, you’ll need to go to the next activity page to find out.

Session Grammar

  • In English, there are two basic types of question.

    1. Yes/no questions often begin with the verb to be, but can also begin with other auxiliary verbs, such as do.

    We ask these when we want a yes or no answer.

    2. Wh-questions start with a question word, such as who, what, where, when, why or how.

    We ask this type of question when we want different kinds of information. These questions cannot be answered with a yes or no.