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Break, broke, broken... We look at verbs that don't behave themselves, with the help of a mysterious story

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Activity 3

A snowy mystery

She called in the middle of the night...

Now let's do one more practice activity. You're going to help tell a mysterious story about a phone call in the middle of a snowy night.

Read the text and complete the activity

To do

The story is in the quiz - but there are some gaps. You have to choose the correct verb forms to complete the story. Good luck!

It was the middle of the night...

7 Questions

Fill the gaps in the story with the correct verb forms.

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Your turn

Did you enjoy the story so far? But how will it end? We haven't written the ending of the story - that's up to you.

In fewer than 100 words, write an ending the story, using at least one irregular verb in each sentence.

Thank you for emailing your story endings to us. We enjoyed reading them. This task is now closed.

Here are some of the story endings that we received:

Taras, Ukraine

But when I got there she wasn't. I tried to call her but it seemed her phone had already broken down. So I drove farther with the hope that maybe she made a mistake with her location. I was searching for hours but I didn't find. I already was going to call police but fortunately my phone rang. It was her. She said that she was wrong and now she was being at home. I was surprised. It turned out she was helped by group of men passed next to her and they pulled her car to the road. I quickly drove out back to home.

Vincenzo Peccerillo, Italy

It took a couple of hours to reach my friend. I found her scared and chilled. It was impossible to start her car, so I picked my friend up and then we left for a safer place... When I was driving, she told me about what had happened some hours before. After a heated argument with her boyfriend, she had suddenly left his house, in spite of the terrible weather. She felt embarrassed to have called me in the night, but I was nice to her... I was happy to give her a hand in that awkward situation!


And I was driving for almost the whole night looking for that car broken in the midle of the snow. While I was driving and imaging how the girl with such a marvellous voice would be, the snow kept on falling along the road during all my trip. It was when the new day started to break when I found her alone lying under an aok on a small hill

Antonio - Teresina - Piauí - Brasil

... After I'd driven for about an hour, I saw her car, but she wasn't there. I began to be more and more worried. The wind was blowing heavily. The fear grow inside me. Where she was, I spoke to myself.  Then I heard a song I knew, a song she liked to sing. I began to speak aloud, to cry her name. She was hidden behind a tree, with fear. Then we began to drive home.   

Angelica, Germany

Snowy mystery - Part two:

I quickly wrote down her location, and drove out into the storm to find her.

After a while I stopped and went out of my car because I began to get exhausted .But the   weather grew worse. The wind became extremely strong so I was blown to the ground. I lost my consciousness. In the end of this nightmare I woke up in a hospital. My arm was broken and I suffered from a terrible headache. When painkiller were brought by a cute young nurse my spirits rose.  I spent two days in hospital. Back at home I met my girlfriend who had been rescued by a passing lorry driver in the middle of that terrible night. I was unable to give her a helping hand after I had been taken into ambulance. Nor could I call her again due to my unconsciousness. Finally  I begged her pardon and she granted it immediately.

After all we bought some wine and celebrated the happy end of this unintentionally adventure.

Francisco Javier Criado, Spain

When I arrived to the location I saw the car on the right side of the road. It was nearly covered by the snow and its lights was still turned on. She was trapped inside her car so  I digged a hole with  my own hands in order to open the right door. When I got her out she was still conscious and she told me, with a scary voice, she had been kidnapped by her own husband but, finally, she had escaped from him. Inmediatly I took her to my home and called the police.

Welton - Brazil

...whilst I'm driving to meet her, I turned on the radio in my car in order to listen to some news from the weather report. What I heard? Bad news. So I thought: nothing is not so bad that can't be worse. The authorities will close the roads if the weather get worse. So I drove as fast as I could trying not skid on the bends. I was driving for about forty minute when I saw her car stopped on the hard shoulder. For a couple of minutes I was glad to see her car, but suddenly I realized that she wasn't there. I was quite scared about that situation. As I know her mobile ran out the battery. Where she is? I looked everywhere near the car trying to found her. What should I do now? Stay here waiting for her? No, it's not the best option. So, I came back to my car and drove straight ahead on the road, hoping see her walking on the street. While I was driving again, my mobile rang. I saw on the display an  unknown name. I told for myself: it is not time for wrong call. But fortunately I recognize the voice. It was her. I was so happy. So immediately I asked her: where are you right now? And she told me where she was and everything was fine. Finaly at home she told me what had happened. She said: while I was waiting for you, the road car service passed me and offered some help. Then they took me to de rank of service where I could call you. What a nightmare!

Juan Carlos, Colombia

but the storm started to be more and more strong and I had to stop my car on the road and wait there because I couldn't see less of one meter in front of me. I was waiting into the car until the storm finished. After that, I saw a small wood fire that I hadn't seen before. I started to run to the fire and there, I found with her. She was sitting in front of the fire and when she saw me, she was happy. More later I called the police for help, and they sent  an ambulance to rescue us.

Ardeshir, Iran

But when i  had arrived there i did not find her.suddenly i found her that was surrounded by some  thieves.I had become scared while i called to the police.fortunately a brave police man rescued her .Finally i had embraced her while she cried.I gut her to the home and now i am very happy for good ending.

Mario, Italy

The only thing I saw when I arrived on the spot was her car with headlamps off pulled over on the side of the road. She seemed to be missing. I began to look around when suddenly my smartphone rang. I gave a sigh of relief at hearing her voice again. She told me that she had been rescued by police. When I reached her at police station, she told me that she and her husband had broke up and then she had just set off to reach my house when her car broke down along the way.

Manuel J, Spain

When I was coming down to the garage the lift stopped due probably to a power cut caused by the storm.

I was stuck in the lift at least an hour and half until the alarm finally woke up some neighbours  and  a couple of them got rescue me from my cage.

Driving dangerously with some centimeters of soft snow on the road I arrived to the address she gave me.

Having passed two hours or more since she had called me,she became anxious and told me that, being so slow, didn't speak to her forever.

Cheryl Yau

When I arrived at the location, she was nowhere to be seen. Where could she be?  The surrounding was quiet and dark. I was the only soul here. I got down the car and shout frantically for her name. No responses. Did I get the location wrong? What had happened to her? I tried to call her on her mobile phone but her phone had die. I was at lost on what to do next. Just then, an alarm clock went off,  I opened my eyes, it was 7am. Phew, I was glad that it was just a dream. I figure that I must have miss her and I made a promise to myself to  call her tonight.

Madel, Italy

"Immediately I got on my car. Her car was in the deepest of the forest,so unfortunately  I took at least a couple of hours to reach her (my friend). Outside an unbelievable storm of snow was in progress. When I found the car,strangely around it, there wasn't snow, but some small flowers and a  strange flimsy Iight, but I was so worried that I didn't think about it anymore.I opened the car door and... She was just fainted, thanks God. I took her to the hospital; later, when she got better, she told me that, before fainting  she had seen hundreds of tiny lights around her and she felt warm and protected. At first I didn' t believe her, I thought she was a little bit confused because of her frame of mind, but I thought twice and I remembered what I had seen, when she showed me a small shadow like a tattoo of a little fairy  on her skin: she was rescued by a fairy touch". 

Tszkiuu So

I quickly wrote down her location, and drove out into the storm to find her.

But when i got there, i was strange that it's did not seem like have a storm before.

Because the street was clean, no any rubbish on it. I looked around, there's nobody on the street.

I tried to shout loudly, but nobody answered me. And i called her when i felt sad...

Oh, i forgot her phone doesn't work because of storm. Suddenly, i heard that a girl scream ''Help''

And, A girl who wear a red dress, ran to me. it's her, but her face is full of blood.

Then, she took a knife, she wanted to kill me. I tried to run away from her...

just kept running and running. Finally i was dazzled. 

End of Session 1

And that's it for this session. We hope you've enjoyed it. There's more about irregular verbs in Unit 11, here. In Session 2, we take a closer look at the words so, such, enough and too.

Session Vocabulary

  • Group 1

    begin, began, begun

    sing, sang, sung

    Group 2

    break, broke, broken

    speak, spoke, spoken

    wake, woke, woken

    Group 3

    blow, blew, blown

    grow, grew, grown

    know, knew, known

    Group 4

    drive, drove, driven

    write, wrote, written