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Session 3

Have you ever dreamt of being a singing superstar? What do you think about contestants on talent shows? In this session we're going to hear from three hopefuls who have been waiting for this opportunity for a long time!

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    Activity 1

Activity 1

'I've been waiting for this moment my whole life'

Have you been practising?

Many people dream of fame and fortune. They sign up for reality television or radio programmes and try to impress the judges with their singing talent. Maybe you have even dreamt of this yourself? Talent shows like this attract a lot of different people. We're going to meet three of them: BobbiJudy and Tim.

Listen as the presenter Derek meets them and see if you can answer these questions:

  • Who prepares for auditions in a strange way?
  • Who is doing their audition for someone else?
  • Who has a problem with the temperature?

Listen to the audio and complete the activity

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OK, welcome back to Song Stars! We’re looking for the country's next singing sensation. I'm Derek O'Donnell and here, lining up for the auditions, are the contestants.

[SFX: cheering]

Hi, what's your name?

Er, Bobbi.

Bobbi, you're here to audition. How are you feeling?

Alright, I guess. I've been practising a lot.

Have you been waiting out here for long time, Bobbi?

Er, only just got here, really. It's a bit cold.

It is a bit nippy! So, how long have you been singing, Bobbi? Is it your passion? Would you die for it?

Since forever really. Yeah, I've been doing this for a long, long time.

Yeah, OK, good luck!

[SFX: singers warming up]

So, we're inside now. Everybody's getting ready to perform for our judges. And some of them have some rather unusual ways of warming up. Like here, we have... Hello, what's your name?


Hi, Judy. Now you're about to go into the audition room and you're standing on your head?

Yeah, I am. I'm standing on my head.

Er, how long have you been standing on your head?

Probably about two hours now. It really helps me calm down before I go into an audition.

OK. Great. You just keep going there. Best of luck.

Thank you.

We're outside the audition room and I think, yes, someone is in there. They're about to get the judges' feedback.

A woman sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

[In the distance] I didn't like it. I hated it. My gosh. You haven't been singing professionally, have you?!

Er. That didn't sound good. Anyway, here's...

Um, it's Tim.

Tim. Hi. How are you feeling?

A bit nervous, I guess.

What made you come and audition today?

It's for my family. They've been saying to me: "You know Tim, you should have a go."

So, this is for them! Brilliant.

Yeah, brilliant. But it's a bit sad really. Just before I came here, my parents broke up.

I'm sorry to hear that, Tim. How have you been dealing with it all?

OK, really. I mean... I can't back out now. Maybe my mum and dad will see this and they'll get back together.

Maybe! Are you ready?

Yeah. I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole life!

We're with you, Tim. Go in there. Knock the judges' socks off! Yeah.

OK. Thanks!


Did you work out the answers to the three questions? Here they are:

  • Who prepares for auditions in a strange way? Judy - she stands on her head.
  • Who is doing their audition for someone else? Tim - he talks about his family.
  • Who has a problem with the temperature? Bobbi - she feels cold.

To do

That was the Song Star auditions show. We hope you enjoyed it. How much can you remember? Try out this quiz!

Song Stars quiz

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Who will be the next singing sensation? How much can you remember about our talent show contestants? Choose the correct answers for all these questions

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End of Session 3

That's it for this session! We hope you enjoyed hearing from our singing hopefuls. Join us in Session 4 where you'll read about the future of TV talent show judges.

Session Grammar

    • Present perfect continuous tense

      Meaning and use

      To talk about an activity that started in the past and is continuing now or has recently finished.

      • I’ve been reading that new book you lent me

      Form - positive and negative

      subject + have/has/haven’t/hasn’t + been + present participle of main verb

      • He’s been revising all day
      • I haven’t been drinking coffee recently

      Form - question

      • Have you been eating biscuits?

Session Vocabulary

  • sensation
    (here) something or someone that causes great excitement or interest

    short performances, usually by actors, musicians or dancers, to show that they are right for a particular play, film or show

    people who take part in a competition

    nippy (informal)

    warming up
    preparing for a performance

    opinions or thoughts about something, usually intended to improve it

    knock the judges' socks off (idiom)
    really impress the judges