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Session 2

Which tense is this: How long have you been learning English? It's the present perfect continuous - and that's what we're looking at in this session.

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Activity 2

Which tense to use?

No time like the present... perfect continuous

Understanding how to form verb tenses is important, but it's no good if you use them in the wrong situations. This test will help you practise when and where you can use the present perfect continuous.


Read the text and complete the activity

To do

In the picture above, we have a jogger, a tennis ball, a person sleeping in the office and a bus stop. You're going to answer questions with these things in them.

Intense tenses

6 Questions

Choose the best tense for these situations. For some questions, both answers are possible

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So, we hope you now feel more confident about knowing when and where to use the present perfect continuous. To help you feel even better, listen to 6 Minute Grammar, next!

Session Grammar

  • Present perfect continuous tense

    Meaning and use

    To talk about an activity that started in the past and is continuing now or has recently finished.

    • I’ve been reading that new book you lent me…

    Form - positive and negative

    subject + have/has/haven’t/hasn’t + been + present participle of main verb

    • He’s been revising all day
    • I haven’t been drinking coffee recently

    Form - question

    • Have you been eating biscuits?

Session Vocabulary