Session 1

Eat, ate, eaten... Verbs in English don't always follow the -ed pattern, so we're focussing on irregular verbs in this session. Listen to 6 Minute Vocabulary, and then do some activities to show off your verb skills!

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Do you know the correct form?

Let's do one more activity. In this one we'll test how well you know the different forms of these irregular verbs, by taking part in a conversation that has lots of examples of them.

Imagine you've just got back from a lovely holiday and you're telling your very patient friend all about it. You're looking through all the snaps (photographs) you took.

To do

Complete the conversation with the correct forms of these verbs. Do you need the infinitive, the past simple, or the past participle form? And which is which? If you really need to, have a look at the grammar area on this page.

Read the text and complete the activity

Complete the conversation

8 Questions

Fill the gaps by selecting the correct forms of these irregular verbs

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End of Session 1

Well done, you've reached the end of this session. Remember you are one of millions of people studying English. That's right, English is studied all around the world. Is studied is an example of the passive voice. You'll be learning all about it in the next session. Join us there!

Session Grammar

  • Irregular verbs with three forms:

    break, broke, broken
    choose, chose, chosen
    ring, rang, rung
    see, saw, seen
    take, took, taken
    write, wrote, written

    Irregular verbs with two forms:

    find, found, found
    have, had, had
    lose, lost, lost
    meet, met, met
    say, said, said
    tell, told, told

    Irregular verbs with one form:

    cut, cut, cut
    let, let, let
    put, put, put
    read, read, read
    shut, shut, shut