Unit 1: English in the News
Improve your English through the language of the news

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  1. 1 English in the News

Vocabulary Reference


I'm on cloud nine

I'm very, very happy

I'm on top of the world
I'm very, very happy

I'm over the moon
I'm very, very happy

I'm grumpy
I'm in a bad mood

I'm feeling blue
I feel a little sad

I see red
I get angry

I'm green with envy
I feel very envious

Hot Weather

It's sweltering
It's very, very hot / It's uncomfortably hot

It's baking
It's very, very hot

It's scorching
It's very, very hot

increasing quickly

a heatwave
a period of unusually hot weather

Drinking Coffee

(have/take) a sip
(have/take) a small mouthful of liquid

drink liquid slowly - with small mouthfuls

drink something very, very quickly

(be/feel) full of beans
be/feel very energetic and enthusiastic

Money & Shopping

splash out on (something)
spend a lot of money on something - especially something which you don't need

retail therapy
the act of buying things to make yourself feel happier

(go on) a shopping spree
a period where you buy lots of things / a period of extravagant spending


Phrasal verbs for talking about hiding and sharing emotions

bottle (something) up
keep your feelings hidden / refuse to talk about how you are feeling

open up
start to talk openly about your feelings

speak out
give your opinion on a topic in public

Facebook and Mindreading


on (my/your/his/her) mind
in your thoughts

What's on your mind?
What are you thinking about? / what are you worrying about?

read someone's mind
know exactly what someone is thinking

Words to talk about pregnancy

expecting (adjective, informal)

morning sickness
feeling of wanting to vomit during pregnancy

think something will probably or certainly happen

expected to be born / required or expected to happen

TV awards ceremony

kick off

wrap up
complete or finish something


Words to talk about sleep

a nap
a short sleep, normally during the day

nap (verb)
sleep for a short time

sleep for a short time; sleep lightly

a night owl
a person who likes being awake and active at night

Words to talk about rain and wind

a gust
a sudden, strong wind

a gale
a very strong wind

torrential rain
very heavy rain

a downpour
lots of rain in a short amount of time


a row
a disagreement between people/organisations

have a row
have an argument

a stand-off
a situation where agreement doesn't seem possible

back down
to retreat from an argument or admit you were wrong

Words to describe graphs.

fly high in the air / increase rapidly

increase suddenly

a surge
a sudden large increase

a plateau
an area of high ground / a period of no change

reach a level and stay at that level


Mobile phone use

hang up
finish a phone call

hang up on (someone)
end the call suddenly in the middle of a conversation

pick up (the phone)
answer the phone

get rid of something you no longer want

be glued to something
unable to stop watching something