Session 7

Listen to find out how to use an everyday English expression.
Jechoota guyyuu of ibsuuf nu fayyadu akkaataa itti dhimma baanu hubachuuf caqasi.

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    Activity 1

Activity 1

Pull the plug

Look at the Session Vocabulary – make sure you know what these words mean:

  • plug
  • inspired
  • gadgets

Listen to Rob and Li talking about a programme they are going to record. As you listen, think about these questions:

1.Is Rob interested in art?

2. Is he going to write a programme about art?

Listen to find out the answers. Then check them on the transcript below.

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Yooyyaa, qophii jechoota Afaan Inglizii keessaatti of ibsuuf si fayyadan English expression akkasumas haara ta’n akka bartuuf si gargaarutti baga nagana dhufte.

Har’a, Afaan Inglizii keessattii of ibsuuf kan si fayyadu ‘pull the plug’ suuqata harkisuu jedhu ni barana. Maal jechuudha jette yaada? Wal’aaltee? Tole ittifufii caqasi.

Robiifi Liin ganam’ffataniiru. Harka walfuudhanillee Rob itti tolee hinjiru. Caqasiiti rakkinichi maal akka ta’e hubadhu.

Good morning, Rob.

Hi Li. I wish the morning was good, but it's not.

Oh, why not?   

Well, I came to the office very early today to write a programme about art. 


Yeah, but it's giving me a headache because I don't really understand art. I think I'm going to pull the plug on this idea! 

Pull the plug?

Yes. If I pull the plug on this one, I'll be more relaxed and inspired to write a programme about technology. They're the ones I like the best. I love new gadgets!

Rob maaliif dursee gara hojii dhufe? Maaltu bowwoo itti ta’e maaliif? Dhugumaa sagantaa waa’ee aartii barreessuu jecha dursee dhufe; haata’u malee sababa artii hinjaalanneef bowwoo itti ta’e? Egaa Rob sagantaa biraa maal barreessuu barbbada laata? Dhugaadha, teknooloojiidha. Waa’ee artii barreessuu dhiisee waa’ee teknooloojii barreessuu barbaade. Caqasiitii akkamiin Liin Rob gargaaruuf akka carraaqxu hubadhu.

No problem. I can do it for you.

(surprised and concerned) Oh, my computer has been switched off!What's happened!?

Here's the plug. I've just pulled it out.You can be more relaxed now. There you go.

Oh Li, I didn't literally mean "pull the plug out". In English, when we tell someone we're going to pull the plug on something, we mean we are going to stop spending time or money on it.

‘Pull the plug’, jechoota lamarraa ijaarame; ‘pull’ harkisuu fi ‘the plug’ suuqata/waan suuqame jiru’. Yoo suuqata harkiste tajaajila elektikii addaan kutta, mashiniinnis ni dhaama; kanaafuu ‘pull the plug’ yeroo jennu projektii ykn hojii eegalle tokko yeroo maalaqa itti baafnu dhaabuuf yeroo barbaannuudha. Kunis akka adda citu godha. Suuqata tokko waanti harknuuf,   yeroofi maalaqa waan sana irratti baafnu waan qessaseessu ta’e nutti mul’atuufi.

Fakkeenyawwan muraas akkaataa jechoota of ibsuuf itti fayyadamamu haadhaggeeffannu.

Research on the new product was becoming very expensive, so the company pulled the plug on the project.

The investors pulled the plug on the deal to construct a new hotel after finding out that the grounds were unsuitable for a high-rise building.

The play got really bad reviews and almost no one came to see it, but the theatre owner said he wouldn't pull the plug on it.

The television channel decided to pull the plug on the new programme because not enough people were watching it.

OK. So you don't want to spend time on a programme you don't enjoy writing.

No, not really.

So I might have done you a favour by pulling the plug out.

Well, maybe. Yes, you're right Li. Thank you.

OK. Now that you sound more relaxed, I will plug it back in again so you can write about… technology!

That's right. And I can start describing the wonders of electricity!

That's a great idea. You see, you see, your face has just lit up with joy!

Gaariidha. Rob kan fedhiisaa waan argate fakkaata. Liin kompiitara Robirraa suuqata irraa harkisuun ykn buqqaasuun ishii waanti suuqame sun projeektii Rob hojjechuu hinfene irratti suqamuusaa mirkaneessa. Itti aansee waa’ee maalii barreessuuf deema laata? Atihoo? Projektiin ykn hojiin irratti hojjetuufi suuqata irraa harksiuu feetu jiraa? Jechoota Afaan Inglizii of ibsuuf si fayyadan English Expressions dabalataaf yeroo itti aanu walitti deebina.     


1.No, he isn't.

2.No, he decides to stop and write about technology instead.


How do I use it?

'Pull' in 'Pull the plug' is a regular verb, so it changes according to tense and person. We use the preposition 'on' after it. Also, remember that this expression always uses 'the' before the noun 'plug'. Look at these examples:

It was taking up too much of my time so I pulled the plug on that new idea yesterday..

If you can't finish that plan today I'll pull the plug on the whole project.

You'll need to convince Claire about your idea - she always pulls the plug on plans she doesn't like. 



Pull the plug

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Have you ever  ‘pulled the plug’ on something? What was the situation? What happened? Come and tell us on our Facebook group.

Join us for our next episode of English Expressions, when we will learn more useful language and practise your listening skills.

Barnoota English Expressions ittaanu kan dandeettii caqasuukee ittiin shaakaltuufi qooqa barbaachisoo barannutti walitti deebina.

Session Vocabulary

  • plug



    meeshaalee maashinaa

    to switch off