Vocabulary Reference

Session 2 - News Review

person with a strong belief in a certain cause who takes action to achieve their aims

hunger strike
time during which someone refuses to eat as a protest

period of time when a person chooses not to eat

Here used as an adjective used to describe a person who is mentally and emotionally strong

Session 3 - Lingohack

asking oneself

to log
to make an official record

elegant and fashionable

made public in a ceremony

Session 4 - Robin Hood: 9 uses of 'stand'

stand up for (B2)
give support to; defend

can't stand (B1)
strongly dislike

don't stand a chance (C2)
have little possibility of success

stand for (C2)
represents an idea or priniciple

stand to lose (C2)
be in a situation where you may lose an advantage

won't stand for (C1)
refuse to accept or allow a situation

stand out (B2)
be noticeably better than other people

stands by (B2)
supports someone in a difficult situation

stands (C1)
remains; exists in a place