Vocabulary Reference

Session 2 - News Review

sudden increase

making less effective 

increased and decreased suddenly

Session 3 - Lingohack

a testament
evidence that something exists

lived rough
lived outside, often on the streets

safe places

urban oasis
a quiet place in a built up area

Session 4 - X uses of Y


a far cry from (C1)
very different to

cry (A2)
produce tears from her eyes

a shoulder to cry on (C2)
a person who listens to your problems and gives you sympathy

cries (B1)
says loudly

cry your eyes out (C2)
get very upset and cry a lot

crying out for (C2)
really wanting or needing

for crying out loud (C2)
(said to express anger)

crying out (C2)
shouting in fear or pain


A1 = Beginner
A2 = Elementary
B1 = Lower Intermediate
B2 = Higher Intermediate
C1 = Towards Advanced
C2 = Advanced

Session 5 - Tim's Pronunciation Workshop

Assimilation of /d/ and /j/

When a word ends in a /d/ and the next word begins with /j/, the two sounds often come together and change to /ʤ/.

  • Would you do me a favour?
  • Has it been painted yet?

The /uː/ sound in you can be pronounced as schwa.

  • Would you like a cup of tea?