Grammar Reference

Future revision

1. Will

OK, I'll be there.
Used for: decisions made at the moment of speaking, promises, voluntary offers, predictions

2. Present continuous

I'm meeting her tonight.
Used for: arrangements

3. Be going to

We're going to have a coffee together.
It's going to be a beautiful evening!
Used for: plans, predictions based on present, physical evidence

4. Future continuous

So, in an hour's time we'll be drinking coffee together!
Used for: activities which are in progress at a future time

5. Future perfect

By 5pm we'll have finished our drink.
Used for: actions completed before a specific future time.

6. Present simple

I'd better hurry, my bus leaves in 5 minutes.
Used for: timetabled future events

7. Be + to + infinitive

London buses are to strike this afternoon.

We can also use this structure without be: just to + infinitive:

London buses to strike this afternoon.
Used for: formal way of talking about the future on news headlines