Session 4

Time to sit back and enjoy a film about Indian weddings in this session. Don't worry, there's also some work to help you practise 'going to' and the present continuous!

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Activity 1

An Indian couple

Rittika and Parth

In this session we're going to watch a clip from a BBC documentary called Hotel India. This part is about a young Indian couple, called Rittika and Parth, who are planning their wedding.

The video gives you a chance to hear people talking about future plans, and to practise the wedding vocabulary you've learned so far. They also use some new words and phrases - have a look in the Session Vocabulary box.

To do

Here are some questions to think about as you watch:

1) Where do you think they met?

2) How do you think their marriage is going to be different from their parents' marriage?

3) What kind of dances are they going to do?

4) Whose parents will they live with after the wedding?

5) Are they nervous about getting married?

Enjoy it!

Watch the video and complete the activity

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Mostly in India people settle down between the age of 23-29. We're lucky to have met each other at a time when both of us wanted to settle down in life.

We met at the gym. And I saw her at the gym and I just felt like going and saying hello to her.

Unlike their parents, Rittika and Parth's marriage was not arranged. But tradition is still important.

We were very confident ourselves because when we met each other, we spoke to each other, we were judging each other, judging each other in the sense, keeping our parents' expectations in mind.


So I was not only looking for what I want but also what my family wants out of my wife. So it was very easy for us to convince our parents because we'd already done the thinking on behalf of them.

After the wedding – Rittika will live with Parth in his parents' family home.

Tonight basically we're trying to put all the dances together. We have a sequence of dances for the Sungeet. This is Indian dances, Bollywood dances.

My parents got married in the Taj – 28 years ago. So every time it’s their wedding anniversary we go there and have family dinner together. So I thought it would be a great idea to introduce my parents to Rittika on that day.

Are you nervous?


We're not. I'm not.

I'm not either. Why aren’t you nervous?

Everyone's favourite question: Are you nervous? I'm like, why should I be nervous? I know who I'm getting married to and I really like her, I want to settle down with her, I love her, why should I be nervous about it? We're just excited and we're looking forward to it.

So, did you enjoy the video? We hope so. Here are the answers to the questions.


1) Where did they meet? In the gym.

2) How is their marriage different from their parents' marriage? Their marriage is not arranged.

3) What kind of dances are they going to do? Indian dances, Bollywood dances. 

4) Whose parents will they live with after the wedding? Rittika will live with Parth in his parents' family home.

5) Are they nervous about getting married? No.


Test your knowledge of different ways of talking about the future.

Session Vocabulary

  • to settle down
    to start living with someone in one place and make your home there

    to judge
    to make an opinion about something or someone

    to keep something in mind
    to remember some particular information (while making a decision about something else)

    things that you want or expect to happen

    on behalf of someone
    for someone, representing someone

    an arranged marriage
    when parents or others choose who you marry