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Time to meet three happy couples who are planning the biggest day of their lives: their wedding day! And as we hear from them, we'll look at some different ways to talk about the future.

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'We're getting married in a forest...'

Now that you've learned some vocabulary, and studied an important pronunciation point, you're ready to meet three couples who live in the UK.

Steve and Andrea, Charlotte and Anton, and Jolene and Garth are all planning their weddings.

First we're going to listen to them and check we understand them. Later in the unit we'll explore the different ways they talk about the future.

To do

Listen to the audio and answer the questions: 

Which couple...

…is getting married in a forest?

is getting married first?

is inviting the most guests?

is going to eat bacon sandwiches at their wedding?

is going to eat fish and chips at their wedding?

Listen to the audio and complete the activity

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Andrea and Steve

Hi, my name is Steve.

Hi, I'm Andrea Fernandes. We're getting married in July next year (2015). So, we are expecting about 100-120 guests, and we're hoping that it's going to be a really nice, relaxed venue. And lots of dancing, really good food and, just, everybody having a good time.

It's gonna be a big mix of food from all over the world. We're also gonna have some traditional English fare, like bacon sandwiches. We're gonna have a church wedding in the morning and that will be very formal. We'll have suits and traditional bridal wear. We haven't decided on a venue: we've looked at places in Liverpool and London. And we will soon look at places in Brighton. So, we got engaged on New Year's Eve. I took Andrea to a restaurant. I had a whisky. And in the most romantic fashion, asked her to reach into my pocket. And she pulled out a ring and pretty much proposed to herself.

That's pretty much what is was. I don't know if it was romantic!

Charlotte and Anton

Hi, my name is Charlotte Bartlett, and I'm 23 and I'm the bride.

Hi, my name's Anton and I'm 27 and I am the groom. We're getting married in June 2016. We're looking at a big wedding at the moment, roughly around 200 guests.

Well my first dress, no I'm joking! What I'm going to wear... I'm gonna wear an ivory dress, and I think towards the evening, when we have more of a party celebration, I'll probably change into a dress that I can probably dance in more. Then I'll have more space to dance in than a wedding dress.

I'm probably gonna be wearing, like, a grey fishtail suit, ivory waistcoat, ivory tie. That sort of thing.

Well what we want food-wise for our wedding, what we would like to have, is a Caribbean mix with traditional English. I don't know if it's really been done before. It's different. It'll be something different, not your everyday Caribbean wedding, not your everyday, typical English wedding. So...

We're still thinking about our honeymoon. We're not sure exactly where we're going to go. We're torn between a cruise, Caribbean, or the Maldives… So it's an ongoing conversation at the moment. So yeah... we're still trying to decide that.

Jolene and Garth

Ok, my name is Garth.

And my name's Jolene.

We don't actually have a date set yet for when we're getting married, but hopefully 2016?

Yeah. Summertime 2016, hopefully.

We're gonna have, probably, a medium-size wedding, like close family and friends. Probably about 80 people I think?

Yeah maximum of 80 people. Not a huge wedding. We're kind of country bumpkins at heart so we like the forest, we like the idea of having a yurt. Food-wise, we're thinking: fish and chip van aren't we?

I think I'm gonna wear almost like a tweedy kind of suit.

A bow tie!

A bow tie? I wouldn't mind braces and a bow tie, I'm not really up for the formal, black suit. It's not really me. It's not really my thing.

My ideal dress would be very, again, basic, not over the top, just body-fitted, sort of vintage white. I'd like all my bridesmaids in white also. And the flowers colour theme is just white and green, sort of like the forest. And the boys just all in rustic colours.

I think my brother will be the best man in the wedding and then closest mates for the groomsmen. But I've not told them yet!

My chief bridesmaid is my fiancé's brother's girlfriend. So it's sort of keeping it close – almost related! Future sister-in-law!

Now you've listened to the three couples, can you answer the questions about them?


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Well done! You've met the three couples, but what about their plans? The next activity will help you improve your understanding of ways of talking about the past, present and future.

Session Vocabulary

  • fare
    a type of food

    the adjective related to 'bride'

    pretty much


    country bumpkins
    people who live in the country, and are sometimes considered to be slow or stupid

    a kind of tent, traditionally used by some Central Asian people

    up for (something)
    keen (to do something)

    typical of a simple and rough, countryside style