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Time to meet three happy couples who are planning the biggest day of their lives: their wedding day! And as we hear from them, we'll look at some different ways to talk about the future.

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Bridesmaids and groomsmen...

This unit is all about weddings, so it's a good time to look at some wedding vocabulary. Who's the bride and who's the groom? And what's the difference between a fiancé and a fiancée? 

Read this story. Jean-Pierre and Marianne are planning their wedding in France. Do you know the meanings of the words in bold?

Read the text and complete the activity

A wedding with a difference

"I proposed to my girlfriend Marianne last month, so she's now my fiancée! It's lovely being engaged, though planning the wedding takes up a lot of time. We're getting married next summer, here in France.

It's going to be a small wedding with around 50 guests – we've already sent them invitations. We've also booked the venue – a big hotel by the sea.

In terms of catering, we'd like traditional French food – it's the best! But we don't want a traditional ceremony in a church – instead we're going to have it on the beach, with both Marianne, the bride, and me, the groom, wearing wetsuits instead of formal clothes.

The photographer will need a waterproof camera. All our best friends – the bridesmaids and groomsmen - will be dressed in swimwear.

I can't wait until we're married. Because then – there's the honeymoon to look forward to – two whole weeks on a diving holiday after our wedding."

To do

Now you've read the story, can you work out the meanings of the words in bold?

Wedding vocabulary

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Now you've read the story, can you work out the meanings of the words in bold?

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Vocabulary tip

Did you notice the difference between to get married and to be married? On the day of your wedding, you get married. After that, you are married.

It's similar for to get engaged and to be engaged. To get engaged is what happens when you ask someone to marry you and they say yes. After that you are engaged, until… you get married!


  • We got engaged in March this year and we're going to get married this year.
  • I've been engaged for two years.
  • All my friends are married already!


We hope you learned some useful words. Soon you will have a chance to use them as we meet three couples talking about their wedding plans. But first, a quick pronunciation point with Emma. It's a really useful one!