Session 4

Finn's babysitting. He's got no idea what to do. Luckily he's got his phone with him. Who will he call for advice?

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Activity 1

Babysitting advice

No chocolate before bed!

A house full of screaming kids is no fun for parents. It can be even more difficult for a babysitter!

In this session, Finn is babysitting for his friend. Unfortunately he's not very experienced and things aren't going well. The children are fighting, haven't eaten dinner and won't go to sleep. What to do? He can't call the parents, so he decides to call… his friend Neil, who is a father. But will Neil pick up the phone?

To do

Listen to Finn as he tries to call Neil for advice. Then try to answer the questions. The first four relate to Finn's problems with the kids, and the last four relate to advice Neil might give.

Listen to the audio and complete the activity

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SFX: Children crying and phone ringing

Come on Neil. Come on Neil, pick up.

Hi, you've reached Neil's phone…

(to himself)
Oh, great.

I'm not here right now. Please leave a message and I'll give you a call.

Hi, hi Neil, er… Listen, I've got a bit of a problem. (to child crying) Shhhh… OK… Shh…

I'm babysitting, as you can hear. I know you're going to say, what a terrible idea, Finn you're useless with kids! I know. And that's why I'm calling – I need your help mate. Listen.

Listen, I offered to look after Mike's kids a long ago – he needs a break.

So I've had little Max and Gwyn all day. You know, they're beautiful kids, but… they've been a nightmare. Shhh. OK! Seriously. You know, I thought I would try and win them over, so when I arrived this morning I promised them a trip to the park and an ice-cream. OK…

Mike did warn me not to feed them anything before lunch. But I… well… I forgot and I bought them ice-creams. And so… after that they didn't eat lunch, and they got hungry again before dinner… so I gave them some chocolates and jelly – OK. Stupid me. I know… it was all I could find. Mike did tell me not to give them anything sweet. But, yeah, oh well. He actually recommended I make them something healthy and nutritious like stew, but – I mean – how can you with two screaming kids? And actually I did start making stew, but then I stopped to take Max to the toilet and then… well, let's just say chocolate seemed the easiest option.

Where were we?

So now it's well past their bedtime and Max has been jumping on his bed for about an hour. Gwyn won't stop crying. Yes Gwyn… I know. I've tried to explain that she needs to be sleep before Mummy and Daddy get home because otherwise I'll be in, I mean they'll be in lots of trouble.

What a mess! Anyway, Neil, what do you suggest I do? Yeah, just, yeah just call me back when you hear this.

Stop crying!

8 Questions

You are going to answer eight questions: four questions to check your understanding and your knowledge of verb patterns, and the other four will be Neil's advice. For each one, they have to be correct BOTH grammatically and in terms of the story.

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End of Session 4

That's it for this session. Let's hope Finn follows Neil's advice and manages to get the children to sleep!

In Session 5 we join Gulliver again on his travels in Part 9 of our Drama. Gulliver arrives in a land of very intelligent horses who can talk. They make him consider his own place in the world.

Session Grammar

  • Examples of verb patterns

    Verb + infinitive with to

    • I decided to take the car to work. 
    • She pretended to be asleep. 
    • He offered to cook the dinner. 

    Verb + gerund

    • He admitted eating the last biscuit
    • It took years but I've finally quit smoking
    • After she finished reading the book she turned off the light and went to sleep. 

    Verb  + (that) clause

    • I understand (that) you weren't happy with your pay rise
    • She assumed (that) the bill had already been paid
    • I suggest (that) you try the salmon: it's delicious

Session Vocabulary

  • screaming
    crying loudly

    someone who looks after someone else's kids

    win them over
    make them like me or agree with me

    healthy, containing things that are good for you