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Are you working towards an important exam? We're here to help with a series of videos that pick out some top tips for studying and taking exams.

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    Activity 1

Activity 1

Exam skills: 5 tips for making studying fun

If studying is fun, we learn better!

We know that sometimes studying a new language can be hard work but it can be fun too – and if we can make our learning experience fun then we learn better.

Watch this video to find out five top tips to help make studying more fun. Then test your understanding in our quiz.

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We know that sometimes studying a new language can be hard work but it can be fun too – and if we can make our learning experience fun, then we learn better. So here are some more of our top tips for making studying fun… 

Firstly, get comfortable – make sure your chair is suitable and it's at the right height for the desk. Make sure you have good ventilation and light and the space you're in isn't too hot – you don't want to fall asleep!  And put away anything that might distract you, like your smartphone.

Rather than just staring at books and being passive, try to become an active learner. Why not record yourself and listen back to yourself speaking or reading out information. Or you could turn facts into songs and sing them out loud – this is sure to make information stick in your head!

Also be creative – flashcards are very useful because they provide visual clues that help you remember things.  You could also stick words, grammar rules and other bits of information on notes around your study space  or other places around your house – so for example, you can read them when brushing your teeth!

Don't feel daunted by the amount of studying you have to do. And don't try to study continuously all day to fit it all in. Study in small bursts and vary the topics you study so you don't get bored and you stop retaining information. If you can, choose a time of day that best suits your natural preference. Some people work best at night while others work best early in the morning

Finally don't overdo it – know your limits – if you study too hard it won't be fun and you won't absorb information.  So take regular breaks – and give yourself a small reward when you do.

Studying is a necessary part of learning English and taking exams. Get it right and you're on your way to having a great time. Good luck!


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Here's a summary of our tips to help make studying fun:

  1. Get comfortable
  2. Record yourself or sing!
  3. Be creative
  4. Study a little at a time
  5. Take a break

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In our BBC Learning English drama, English at University, new student Anna gets some advice about studying.

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Next, join us for News Review, where we'll bring you key words and phrases from the latest stories and show you how to use it in your everyday English.

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