Session 8

Is one career enough?
In today’s episode we will be discussing how the world of work is changing.

Hojiin tokko gahaadhaa?
Kutaa qophii keenya har’aan attamin hojiin namootaa jijjiiramaa akka jiru ilaalla.

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    Activity 1

Activity 1

Is one career enough?

Look at the Session Vocabulary – make sure you know what these expressions mean:

  • switch careers
  • to hold down a job
  • full time
  • part time


How many career changes do you think the average person will make during their working life?

Is it:

a) 2-5
b) 5-7
c) 7-10

Listen to the discussion about changing careers someone should have and find out the answer.

Listen to find the answers. Then check them on the transcript below.

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Yooyyaa, gara English Together Afaan Inglizii waliwajjinii mata duree tibbanaa irratti mari’annuufi qooqa barachuun si barbaachisuu si qoonnutti baga nagana dhufte.

Ani Amayyudha, Saami fi Toom nagaa jettanii?

Hello, I’m Sam.

And I’m Tom. Welcome to today’s program!

Har’a waa’ee haalli hojiii jijjiiramaa jiraachuusaafi kanumaanis kan ka’e jireenya keenya keessatti ‘Careers’ hojiiwwan meeqa akka qabaannu dubachuuf jirra.

Egaa deebiin maal ta’a sitti fakkaata? Namni tokko giddugaleessaan umurii hojii hojjetu keessatti hojiiwwan hagamii jijjiira sitti fakkaata?  

a)     2-5

b)     5-7

c)     7-10

Boodarra deebii siif kennina.

Mmm, I don’t know! What do you think, Tom?

Mmm, I’m not the right person to ask, really. I don’t like change. 

Gaarii, waan kessa dabrbuun sirra ture sitti fakkaata, Tom. Gabaasa ‘BBC Radio 4’ waa’ee akkaataa jireenyi namoonni hojiin dabarsan ‘working lives’ jijjiiramaa jiraachusaa daran nutti hima kana caqasi.

News insert
What do you want to be when you grow up? It’s a question that we all get asked as little kids. When we’re five years old, it’s this fun game, but as we get older we start to believe that we need to narrow our focus and devote our lives to one thing. But that is becoming less and less true.  In such a rapidly changing economy, it makes sense to assume that more and more of us will be changing careers or holding down several careers at the same time. So is one career enough anymore?

Wait a minute. “Holding down several careers at the same time”? What exactly are they saying?

Well, “holding down” a career or a job jechuun career or a job qabduun milkaa’uua. They’re saying that you would have “several” heddu careers, or more than one job, at the same time.

So, I’d hold down this job, and then one or two others, as well? When would I sleep?

I don’t think it means you’ll be working full time on all of these jobs, Tom! 

Yeah, you would probably have two or three part time jobs. 

The report also says we might have one job at a time, but switch careers after a few years.

“Switch” jecha biraa “change” jechuuf itti fayyadamnuudha.

Exactly, so you could switch from this job, to being a lawyer, for example. Actually, you’d make a great lawyer, Tom! You could argue for a living!

Maybe…maybe, I should. So, what’s wrong with having a job for life?  My uncle was a farmer all his life, and my mother was a nurse for all her life. They devoted themselves to one thing and they did it very well.

“To devote ourselves”. Jechuun ofkeenya kennuudha. And I’ve devoted myself to making you laugh, Tom.  One day!

Maybe you can still devote yourself to one area of work, like medicine, for instance, but have more than one career in that area. 

Sirrii! Egaa gaafii armaan dura si gaafanne haa’ilaallu. Namni tokko giddugaleessaan umurii  hojjetee jiraatu keesstti hojiiwwan meeqa jijjiira sitti fakkaata? Istaatistiiksiin jijjiirraa hojii akka eerutti deebiin b) 5-7 ti. Still not convinced, Tom?

I just don’t understand how switching jobs 5-7 times is good – good for you or good for your employer.  They’ll train you in something, and then you become good at it, and then you leave!

But you can still take what you’ve learned in one job and bring it to the next one. For people like me, who are into lots of different things, this is great news!

“To be into”. Jechuun keessatti argamuu ykn hirmaachuudha. But, Sam, you’re into too many things! How would you choose your next career?

Yeah, Sam, you change your mind all the time.  Last week you were into working with animals, this week you’re into working in a restaurant. What’s it going to be next week?

Actually, I’ve been reading lots about…

Yeah, what is it? Here we go!

Ammas kunootikaa ishiin!

Atihoo? Al tokkotti hojii tokkoo ol ‘hold down’ gootamoo, ‘to devote yourself to’’ hojiima tokkotti xiyyeefatta?

Barnoota torban kanaa goolabuun dura jechoota har’a dubbachaa turre haa’ilaallu -hundisaanii haala hojjii waliin walqabatu. ‘to hold down a job’ hojii tokko cimsanii hojjechuu; ‘to switch careers’ hojiiwwan jijjiiruu; ‘to devote ourselves to something’ waan tokkotti ofkennuu fi ’to be into something’ wantokko keessa seenanuu ykn hojjechuudha.

Waan nu waliin turteef galatoomi. English Together Afaan Inglizii waliwajjin dabalataaf turban dhufu wal agarra. 

Meaning & Use 

to hold down (phrasal verb)

To hold down is a phrasal verb. When it is used with a job, or a place in a team, it means 'to keep'.

The music industry is very competitive. It can be difficult to hold down a job.
He held down a place on the team even though he didn't score many goals.

to switch (verb)

To switch is a regular verb. It means 'to change'

I have switched jobs many times
The company often switched suppliers to get the best price.

into (preposition)

We can use the preposition into with the verb 'be' to say that we like or have an interest in something.

I'm really into tennis. I play every week.
I don't like galleries. I'm not into art.

to devote yourself (verb)

Devote is a regular verb. It means to focus all our effort and attention on a particular thing.

He devotes himself to helping people. He spends his weekends working for a charity.
She devotes herself to her studies. She spends all her time on them. 

Is one career enough?

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Barnoota English Together ittaanu kan dandeettii caqasuukee ittiin shaakaltuufi qooqa barbaachisoo barannutti walitti deebina.

Session Vocabulary

  • to hold down a job
    Hojii tokko cimsanii hojjechuu

    to switch careers
    Hojii jijijjiiruu

    to devote oneself

    to be into
    keessatti argamuu

    full time
    Yeroo guutuu

    part time
    Yeroo dabalataa

    for a living

    working lives
    Baroota hojiin dabarsitu