Unit 1: Learning Circles
Watch these videos and learn some English words and phrases to help you with everyday life

Session 7

Has anyone in your Learning Circle ever phoned for an ambulance? This time, Deeqa’s brother suddenly becomes sick. She has to get an ambulance, but she is not sure what to say. We look at some useful phrases for phoning for help and asking people to speak slowly.

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Activity 2

Ambulance – Part 2

Speaking on the phone to the emergency services

Deeqa's brother has a medical emergency. With your group, watch how she gets help.

Watch the video and complete the activity

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Voice on phone
Hello. Emergency services. Which service do you need?

Sorry. Please can you speak more slowly?

Voice on phone
Which service do you need? Police, ambulance, fire brigade?

Ambulance! Ambulance!

Oh. I need an ambulance, please.

Second voice
Ambulance. Where are you?

My address? It's 15 Leonard Street, Kirkdale, ST9 1XB.

Second voice
What’s your emergency?

It's my brother. He has eaten something and his stomach hurts. He is in pain. Listen.

Second voice
Keep calm. We are sending someone now.

Discuss these questions with your group:

  • Have you ever had to get help? (Why / When?)
  • Have you ever found it difficult to speak on the phone in English? (When? What happened?)
  • Do you know your address and postcode? (What are they?)
  • Do you know different parts of the body in English? (Say them.)
  • Do you know any first aid? (Teach us.)
  • Who else can you get help from?

To do

Try this quiz to work out what Deeq did.

Ambulance: What did Deeqa do?

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